Daddy’s First Dance

Daddy Daughter Dance

Here’s something a little different for Mama Knows It All. My husband, Terrence, is sharing his thoughts on the blog today. He wrote this post, on his own, without me asking, and I’m really so incredibly proud to share it with you all:

This weekend I had the pleasure of accompanying Ayva to our first (of many) Daddy-Daughter dance at her school. Ayva is growing up so quickly it’s hard to believe that we are already here. In a few long short months she will be a first grader and solidify herself as one of the “big kids” in school.

While I recognize the sentiment of this moment and will definitely cherish our first ever Daddy-Daughter dance, I must be truthful and say that I wasn’t feeling necessarily through the moon about attending the event. Last week had been very difficult for our family and even though we choose to shield Ayva from some of the “grown up” problems going on with us, the thought of going to a fun celebration was one of the last things on my mind. Additionally, I know my daughter and I knew that I would be ditched for the entire evening as soon as she saw one of her friends, which did happen. Finally, Ayva with an unlimited amount of desserts and being up way past her bedtime is just trouble waiting to happen. My thought was that we still have 8 more years of these dances, so it would be ok to miss one. But there is nothing like that first one. I will always remember this first one. While I didn’t have to be nudged too hard, I would have absolutely regretted missing out on this special moment with my daughter.

The event itself was a blast. While 50+ girls singing Katy Perry and Taylor Swift at the top of their lungs isn’t quite my cup of tea, seeing Ayva dance, sing, laugh and play with all of her friends is so much fun to watch and further affirms that she is growing up too fast.

But I have to say that the best part of the dance had nothing to do with the dance itself. Ayva had been talking about the dance all month week and in one of our conversations she mentioned one of her classmates. This particular classmate’s father passed away over a year ago. So, Ayva is talking to me about all of her classmates who she thinks are going to attend the dance and she tells me that next year we have to bring this classmate to the Daddy-Daughter dance with us and that I would have to dance with both of them at the same time.

This 5-year-old girl is truly amazing. That moment melted my heart and almost brought me to tears. At such a young age she can be so selfless and compassionate. Even at five that same compassionate heart that is in her mother is also so prevalent in her. I will always remember getting dressed up, dancing with my daughter and listening to her sing Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” the whole way home. But what I will remember most of all is how she turned an event that could have been all about her into a moment of maturity, kindness and compassion and I am so excited to have the honor of escorting her and her friend to the Daddy-Daughter dance next year.

5 responses to “Daddy’s First Dance”

  1. Michelle Avatar

    This is beautiful! It’s amazing the life lessons our little ones can teach us in their moments of selflessness and childlike innocence. My uncle passed away a few years ago when my younger cousin was about Ayva’s age so her words really hit home for me. It’s the selfless act of little girls like Ayva sharing their Daddy-Daughter moments that will make a difference in the life her friend and her mother just like it has for my baby cousin.

  2. Sharelle D. Lowery Avatar

    OMG!!! I just cried!

    This was so awesome. I actually remember my only Daddy Daughter dance and my Dad had a ball too! This is the first of precious Daddy Moments that I cannot wait to read and live through. God bless you all!!

    1. brandijeter Avatar

      Aww! Thank you for sharing that memory with me! <3

  3. Candice Jeanine Avatar

    My eyes are only sweating…beautiful words

    1. brandijeter Avatar

      Haha! It is kind of hot in here. My eyes are sweating again! <3

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