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Tell Dad That He’s Doing Good

I’m partnering with Minute Maid to share inspiring stories of parents doin’ good in a series of sponsored posts!


I don’t know one parent that ever feels wholly appreciated by their children. You make a delicious dinner for the family, and YUCK, it has broccoli! You pick them up early for school take them to the dentist so they can have good teeth, and UGH, they were just starting a game with their friends! Although it can seem that nothing we do is ever enough as parents, when our children grow up and look back at all we did for them, they’ll get it.

That’s not what we do it for, though. We don’t make sacrifices, give ourselves headaches with worry and stress over making sure our good lives for recognition and appreciation. No, we do it for the sheer love that we have for these littles that we brought into the world. We do it because it’s our duty as parents, and it’s an honor to serve these tiny humans who will grow up to be productive adults and add something great and wonderful to our world.

Still, it’s nice to get a thank you every now and then.

That’s why, as we teach our children different lessons about being kind and thoughtful, it’s important that we encourage them to show love and appreciation for the ones who love and appreciate them the most. They’re kids, so they may not notice the sacrifices that are being made on their behalf, or recognize when mom or dad has gone out of their way to do something extra special for them. That doesn’t mean that we can’t gently point it out to them.

Over the last few months, since I’ve been dealing with the sickness that comes with the first trimester of pregnancy, my husband has really stepped his game up. He’s always been a super dad, but he has gone way above and beyond! I talked to my daughter and encouraged her to let him know that she noticed how he’s #doingood.


Take a look at my post on Minute Maid’s Good Minute blog to see what she decided to do, and then go out and let another parent know they’re #doingood. Don’t forget the other parent that lives right in the same home with you!