Cute Kid Gift Alert: Budsies Brings Artwork To Life

Cute Kids Gift Alert: Budsies

We’re living in the age of technology, and, is it just me or do kids seem to be a lot more harder to please than we used to be when we were growing up? Holidays and birthdays for little kids used to mean stuffed animals and coloring books. Now, they’re getting iPads and cellphones. I’m always on the lookout for toys that will engage Ayva in the way that we used to be back in the day. Toys that inspire wonder, and encourage creativity. Recently, the folks over at Budsies gave Ayva the opportunity to make a stuffed toy, and there was definitely plenty of creativity and wonder going on there!

What Are Budsies?

Budsies are stuffed representations of your child’s artwork, and they are probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Really, y’all, these are extremely adorable. Made from hypoallergenic materials, the Budsies are soft and colorful, and would make a great gift for children of all ages. Ayva absolutely loves her butterfly, but I can imagine a young pre-teen illustrator getting a kick out of seeing one of their drawings brought to life, too!

Budsies Stuffed Toy

It’s really simple to order a Budsie. All you have to do is upload a clear image of the drawing, write a brief description, and wait a few weeks for your stuffed toy to arrive. It takes about 5 weeks, so if you order one now, it’ll be here just in time for a back to school gift. Place an order in early November to make sure you have time to wrap your Budsie for Christmas.

I think the absolutely coolest thing about Budsies, though, has to to be that they give to children in need. The company sponsors art days with Budsies for kids in underprivileged communities, and with various special needs, as well as sponsors Budsies for children going through cancer treatment. You can learn more about their giving programs on their website.

Budsies Stuffed Toy

Where To Find Budsies

So, you absolutely have to get a Budsie, right? Check them out online and make sure you order one!

Budsies on Facebook:

Budsies on Instagram:

Budsies Website:

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