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Confidence With A Smile

Invisalign sponsored this conversation about confidence with a smile!
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I was looking through family pictures the other day, and realized that I only smiled in the posed pictures. In the candids or shots that I was in the background of, I looked pensive or deep in thought. Photo after photo showed me with tight lips and furrowed brows. It was eye-opening, and I realized I didn’t like that at all. I’m a generally happy person. I have positive outlook on life, I have tons of great friends, and I’m really self-assured. So then why doesn’t my face reflect that? Where is “Happy and Confident Brandi” and why isn’t she in any of my pictures?

Something had to change, so I started a new practice that probably makes me look like a lunatic. Whenever I’m having a nice time, even if I’m just alone watching television, I smile intentionally. As a matter of fact, when I’m smiling naturally, I make it a point to smile even harder. I’m telling you, Folks, I look crazy with my big ‘ole grin! You know what, though? It’s an instant mood booster. And it totally takes my confidence level into the stratosphere. After a few seconds of the exaggerated smile, my face relaxes, my heart activates, and that smile becomes real and genuine!

invisalign logoI do know that there are some folks out there who aren’t smiling, but it’s for a different reason. They’re self-conscious of their teeth, and just don’t feel confident. I think everyone should have the freedom to smile from the very center of their heart, and Invisalign feels the same way. Invisalign is the clear alternative to braces. The last thing someone who is already uncomfortable with their smile needs is a mouthful of metal braces to call more attention to it. Invisalign is a discreet way to straighten teeth.

Lots of folks think their teeth are “too messed up” for Invisalign, but it’s probably not true! Invisalign can effectively treat complex issues just as well as minor problems, and without wires and brackets. In fact, minor, cosmetic issues may be corrected using the Invisalign Express option. Check out the Invisalign Smile Assessment  to discover which Invisalign would work for you and your situation.

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