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Coco is a film that’s all about family

Who are the people in your life who inspire you to follow your dreams? Growing up, my grandmother, Mollie Tucker was the person who always seemed to be living her best life. She was a seamstress, incredibly social and connected, and more than anything, she was independent and confident.

As I moved throughout my life, making decisions about what path to take, I often thought “What would Mollie do?” and it encouraged me to take risks, put myself out there, and make the most of myself and my gifts. Years later, Mollie Tucker is gone, but her legacy lives on in my family. I see her in my cousin Shalaine and her impeccable design eye, in my Aunt Adrienne with her fierce love and wisdom, and in my mom with her ability to bounce back after setbacks.

The movie Coco is about all of this. Legacy, living your dream, and family. It’s a poignant film that makes you forget it’s animated because the themes are so real! The story centers around Miguel, a little boy who loves music but his family has banned it from their home. He determines that a famous musician is one of his ancestors and ends up in the land of the dead trying to find him.

I was in tears at several points in the film because it was such a visual reminder of how important family is. If you missed Coco in theaters, there’s good news—it’s out on Bluray now!

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