Clean Closet. Donate Stuff. Create Jobs.

goodwill disclosure Clean Closet. Donate Stuff. Create Jobs.

It’s starting to warm up here in Northern California, and that means I’ll start my annual whining.

“I have nothing to wear!”

“Everything I have is too big/small/medium!”

“Wah wah wah! I need new clothes!”

That wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have a closet full of clothes, some that I’ve had since college. Did I mention that I was in college nearly 20 years ago? Let’s take a peek inside my closet:

My dress size. Yeah. Right.

Hmm…okay. That’s from my freshman year in college. Let’s dig a little deeper and see what we find:

old navy maternity dress 1

unless your baby is 5 years old

Yeah, it’s definitely time to clean the closet out and take a real inventory of what I’m working with. What can I do with those perfectly good, just not good for me anymore clothes?

Well, Goodwill, of course! The best part about taking my items to Goodwill is that when I donate stuff, I create jobs!

No Room In Your Closet? Donate to Goodwill!

Donate Stuff. Create Jobs.

Most folks aren’t aware that donating items to Goodwill creates thousands of jobs. The items that are we take to Goodwill stores are sold to create job training opportunities for people in our communities. In 2012, over 216,000 people earned jobs through Goodwill thanks to donations! Now, if that isn’t motivation to get your closet cleaned, I don’t know what is!

Not sure where to get started with cleaning your closet and donating? This checklist will help hoarders shopaholic sentimental folks like myself figure out whether an item should stay or go:

Goodwill Donation Checklist

That’s right: Donate Stuff. Create Jobs. It’s the tagline of Ad Council’s campaign with Goodwill®, which reminds people that their donations support people who are seeking to earn jobs and build careers. To see how the process works, just watch our “How We Do It” PSA.