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Cat Ear Headphones Are Purrfect for Stylish Girls

Many thanks to Brookstone for sponsoring this post!
Cat Ear Headphones 1

One of the things that I loved most about being a mentor to middle school girls years ago was the unique way they expressed their personal style. They were fearless when it came to experimenting with their hair or fashion, and it was really interesting to observe them using fashion as a form of self-expression.

Ayva is headed to the 2nd grade soon, and I can already see how she’s trying to find the cutest clothes and accessories to stand out and show her individuality. If you have a girl like my Ayva, a tween, or a teen, and you’re looking for a cool gift to help them make a cool style statement, Brookstone’s Cat Ear Headphones will be perfect for her!

With LED ‘Cat Ears’ that light up when the music is on, Cat Ear Headphones allows your girl to rock out in style. The coolest feature of the headphones is that they have a switch that allow you to turn your headphones into a rockin’ sound system so everyone in the room can bust a move together. Ayva and I love spontaneous dance parties, so it’s perfect for us!

Cat Ear Headphones 2

Some of the other awesome features of the Cat Ear Headphones include ear-cup cushions that form to your head to reduce outside noise, forward and back buttons for instant music selection, inline volume controls, USB rechargeable batteries that last for up to five hours, and a detachable boom mic for video gaming. Add that to great sound quality, and the ability to control the LED lights independently from the speakers, and you have every reason to head out and get these headphones right meow. (I had to do it. Haha!)

Interested in purchasing Cat Ear Headphones? You can buy them online, or just go into your local Brookstone Store. If you do decide to purchase them online, make sure you opt-in to Brookstone’s email program so that you don’t have to pay sales tax!

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