Keep your on the go kid fueled up with this simple parenting hack

Thank you CAPRI SUN for sponsoring this post. You can find CAPRI SUN’s four new drinks All Natural Ingredient and No Sugar Added* at most grocery retailers nationwide, including local grocery stores, mass merchandisers and club stores.

This has been the busiest school year that we’ve had yet. Not only does Ayva have more homework in the third grade than in previous grades, but her extracurricular calendar is packed, too. Between choir, Girl Scouts, theater, and student government, she has anywhere from 8 – 10 hours of activities each week.

With days that are so full, Ayva is on the go a lot. We’re constantly in the car traveling to this practice or this rehearsal. We’ve learned a lot over the last few months that have helped us to be more efficient. Ayva does her part by setting her clothes out at night, writing her commitments on her calendar, and keeping track of her personal items like costumes, class binders, and supplies.

I do my part by keeping the car gassed up, leaving early so that I can get Ayva where she needs to go on time, and making sure my little girl has snacks so that she can fuel up between activities. When the year first started, I’d have to stop at the convenience store and run in trying to find the least sugary item they had. Let me tell you, that was a challenge. You’d be surprised at how many different varieties of soda and donuts there are in the world! Eventually, I got smarter.

Now, I keep snacks in the trunk of my car. Since we’re in it so much, I can rest assured that Ayva will always have something to munch on and drink when we’re on the way to her next meeting. I pick up bags of pretzels and veggie chips, as well as graham crackers and tortilla chips. On my way out of the house, I grab a cheese stick or bag of mini carrots from the fridge to round the snack out.

I also keep a box or two of CAPRI SUN juice products in the trunk of the car. Although Ayva usually carries a water bottle, CAPRI SUN’s four new drinks with All Natural and No Sugar Added* are refreshing and a well-deserved treat as she manages her busy days.

Since CAPRI SUN is a brand that is always looking for ways to give us parents products that we’ll be happy to give to our children, they’re introducing four All Natural and No Sugar Added products, with no high-fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

▪ NEW CAPRI SUN Fruit Refreshers: A convenient beverage made with a simple combination of all-natural fruit juice and filtered water that has an awesome taste kids love without the sugar that mom doesn’t want. Fruit Refreshers also have 50% less sugar than the average leading fruit juices**

CAPRI SUN Organic: Certified USDA Organic fruit drink blend aimed at helping parents strike the right balance between what their kids want to drink and what parents feel good about serving.

CAPRI SUN 100% Juice: Served in the classic CAPRI SUN pouch, 100% Juice is a refreshing juice drink offering ¾ cup of fruit juice per pouch.

CAPRI SUN Fruit & Veggie Blends: Previously known as Super V, CAPRI SUN Fruit & Veggie Blends is packed with yummy fruit and veggie juices, giving kids delicious fruit juice with ½ cup of fruit and veggie juice per pouch.

This is just the beginning. I don’t see Ayva slowing down anytime soon. In fact, she recently told me she joined the basketball team at school! It’s not a problem, though. I’m thankful to have an active and engaged daughter who enjoys trying new things. As long as I can keep up with her, everything will be okay!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

*Not a low-calorie beverage

**Per 6oz, this produce 10g of sugar, leading average fruit juice 20g of sugar

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