You know you’re a breastfeeding mama when…

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Breastfeeding mamas have a lot of amazing similarities. Find out what they are in this sponsored post.
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Being a breastfeeding mama is one of the greatest joys of my life. Looking down into my sweet little boy’s eyes as he receives nourishment just fills my soul. Also? To be honest it kind of makes me feel like Superwoman. I MADE THIS BABY AND NOW I’M KEEPING IT ALIVE AND HEALTHY!!! Oh yes, nursing is definitely a confidence booster.

(Pause to brush off shoulders)

Have you ever noticed that breastfeeding moms all have certain similar characteristics? I started observing the women who nurse their babies, and I have to say, we got it going on!

You Know You’re A Breastfeeding Mama When…

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You are able to answer an email, take a client call, or plan an event—all while nursing your baby.

There is no one better at multi-tasking while working than breastfeeding mamas. We aren’t going to let a hungry little human stop us from making money and running our business. Ever had to mute a conference call because your baby was smacking on your breast? You’re definitely a breastfeeding mama!

You have an enviable collection of v-neck, scoop, and button-up tops.

Crew neck collars? Breastfeeding mamas ain’t got no time for that! When we shop, we’re keeping an eye out for clothes that give baby easy access to milk. V-necks, scoop neck tops, and button-ups make it easy to feed baby anywhere (and everywhere).

You aren’t embarrassed by things being a little out of place.

Milk stains on the front of your shirt? Part of your nipple pad sticking out? Bra strap showing? Breastfeeding mamas are hard to embarrass. When your baby is screaming and flailing around for milk and you know that you have the ONE THING that can make it all stop? All of a sudden, being perfectly put together doesn’t even matter.

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You are an expert at planning ahead.

Can you believe some folks actually leave their houses without a plan for what they’re going to do for the day? Not breastfeeding mamas! We know exactly when we’re going to need to stop and nurse. We know exactly where we’re going to nurse. We know where we can go to pump if necessary. It doesn’t matter if we’re at the mall, an airport, the playground, or a museum. Mamas who nurse will always have a plan in place.

You know the importance of taking care of yourself.

Nursing a baby can take a mental and physical toll on a mom. Breastfeeding mamas know that, so we do what we need to do to take care of ourselves in order to be there for our babies. From nipple cream to comfortable bras, we are always looking for ways to make nursing easier on us so we can do it longer.

The Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow provides firm support for baby, and encourages good posture for mama. The curved side of the nursing pillow is perfect for nursing infants. It helps keep baby’s body in a straight line which makes for a more comfortable feeding experience for him. When the baby gets older, the same pillow can be used to prop him up on his tummy. Best of all, the cover can be removed and washed! My boy is a chunky little thing, so I appreciate the support that the Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow gives me when I hold him. I get to be close to him, but my back gets a break.

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You can have a conversation while holding a baby in one hand and keeping your shirt pulled up with the other.

Babies love boobs. If my son is anywhere near my chest, he’s going to try to make a go for them. Of course, he has easy access because I’m always wearing a v-neck, scoop neck, or button up shirt. I have mastered the art of keeping him from showing my goodies to the world, without dropping him, and not skipping a beat in a conversation. #LikeABoss

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ergobaby.