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Thankfully I Didn’t Need A Blood Transfusion

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Two hours. That’s how long after my son was born via c-section that it took for the doctor to stop the bleeding and stitch me up. It was my second cesearean and I knew that extreme blood loss was a possibility. It happened the first time around with my daughter, and I narrowly missed needing a blood transfusion. Thankfully I was just as fortunate when it happened again. Hearing the elevated tone of my doctor and her staff, though, I wasn’t sure that would be the case.

For many folks, blood transfusions are a life-saving necessity. Did you know that someone needs a blood transfusion in the U.S. every TWO SECONDS? I had no idea! There are so many reasons that a person might be in need of donated blood. I was close to being in need during childbirth, but there are many other women who do actually require a transfusion. Other instances where folks benefit from donated blood include being treated for cancer, undergoing surgeries, having organ and marrow transplants, or being treated for blood disorders.

When we donate blood, it could potentially support up to 3 patients. We’re helping hospitals that respond to natural disasters and accidents be prepared to save lives. Blood can be donated every 56 days, and up to six times a year. That’s a lot of opportunity to do good!

After having several family and friends be diagnosed with cancer and other blood illness, I’m learning more about the importance of other kinds of donations as well. Platelet and plasma are also in critical need and can often be donated as the same place as blood.

We’re living in a time where so many people are looking for ways to be of service to others. I know that I look for active ways to show people that I care for them, and to add something positive to the world. Donating blood is a simple, but highly impactful way to do just that.

I know how blessed I am that I was able to heal and get well without a blood transfusion. There are so many others who can’t say the same.

I want to challenge you to at least look into blood donation. Find out more about it. Determine if it’s a way that you can give back in a small but outrageously important way.

How can YOU get involved? Find out at #BeImpulsive.