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Black Mamas Do…

Babywearing, breastfeeding, and Black mamas. Thrilled to partner with Baby K’tan for this post.
Baby K'tan

It wasn’t too long ago when seeing a Black mama wearing her baby or breastfeeding them past a month or two would be considered weird to some folks. When I had Ayva 8 years ago, you’d be surprised at the conversations I would hear while waiting in the doctor’s office. Boyfriends telling their expectant partners that her breasts belonged to him and not a baby. Mothers telling their daughters that their boobs would look terrible if they decided to breastfeed.

Back then, I was called “crunchy”,  “bougie” and told I was “acting white”.  Thankfully there were devoted doctors, programs like WIC, and my family and friends who knew better and who showed me the ropes so that I could give my baby the best of what I had to offer. I nursed my daughter for 19 months. I carried her until she decided she’d rather walk beside me and hold my hand. I didn’t do either of those things because I was trying to be like anyone else. It was the best choice for us.

I’m starting over now with my son. Attitudes around Black moms choosing a more natural way of parenting have changed. There’s a lot more support because there’s a lot more education. We’re starting to understand where the bias stems from, and are working together to change the narrative.

I’m glad that more Black women are sharing their stories. That they are letting folks know Black mamas breastfeed. We wear our babies, and we cloth diaper.

We also feed our babies formula. We buy disposable diapers, and we carry our stroller everywhere we go.

We are not a monolith.

On Tuesday, August 28, I’m blessed to be able to share more of my personal breastfeeding and Black mama journey with a different audience. Follow along as I takeover the @BabyKtan Instagram page all day long!

#BlackBreastfeedingWeek is August 25 – 31. Learn more about this annual event on the website or follow the hashtag on social media for more information.

Baby K'tan

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