Best Halloween Costumes for Tweens

cotton candy costume

Halloween costumes for girls

If you want the tl;dr of the best Halloween costumes for tweens, head over to My Halloween Shop on Amazon to pick out a costume quickly.

Otherwise, keep reading for more on the best costumes, and hacks for helping your kid figure out what they want to be!

Trying to find a Halloween costume for tweens can be quite an adventure.

Every year for Halloween, my kids work my last nerve trying to decide which costume they’re going to pick.

They’re getting better at choosing earlier, though.

I mean, last year was practically painless.

We went to a Halloween store for my daughter, and I ordered a costume from Amazon for my son. Easy peasy.

This year is going to be different, though, and I already feel it.

Now that our children are able to (safely, with masks) go out trick-or-treating and sharing boo-bags, they’re back to their picky ways.

My kid doesn’t know what they want to be for Halloween

If your kid is having a tough time even coming up with ideas about what they want to be for Halloween, start with a brainstorm.

Go through this list of categories, listing out ideas, and see if any stick! 

  • Movie Characters
  • Superheroes
  • Characters from Books
  • Television Show Characters
  • Famous People or Celebrities
  • Animals
  • Fantastical creatures 

Start early if you’re going to make a costume

Both of my kids want to impress their friends, but the middle school tween is especially focused on getting the most perfect costume ever. 

A couple of years ago my daughter and I made the cutest costume ever.

She was cotton candy!

It took us a couple of days to put everything together, and it fell apart by the end of the school day, but it was still totally worth it. 

I’m not opposed to making a costume this year, but we’d have to start early.

If you’ve ever felt the pressure of an unfinished costume on a school night, at it’s bedtime on the night before Halloween, you understand why I feel this way!

cotton candy costume

Where to find Halloween costumes for tweens

Of course, you can always buy your kid’s Halloween costumes.

There is no shame in pulling out your wallet to save a little time.

My best advice to you is to buy your costumes as soon as possible.

There is no worse place to be on Halloween Eve than in a big box store, fighting the crowd, trying to find any costume that will fit. 

Ask me how I know. *facepalm*

The best places to find costumes for kids are pretty much the same every year, but I also have a few of my secret spots on the list: 

  • Amazon
  • Spirit Halloween
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Ross 
  • Marshall’s \ TJ Maxx
  • Drugstores like CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens
  • Etsy (search Halloween costumes, order early)
  • Goodwill (most stores will have a special section just for costumes)
  • Carters (for smaller kids)
  • Disney Store

Halloween costumes for girls

Best Halloween costumes for tweens 

My son is still pretty easy. He’s a kindergartener who still loves superheroes, so he’s happy with whatever.

My daughter is a different story altogether.

She is in middle school, so that tracks as age-appropriate!

She started thinking about her Halloween costume for this year while she still had her costume on last year! 

We’re about a month out from Halloween now. My daughter isn’t 100% sure what she’s going to be, but she’s pretty close to her decision. 

We’ll get there, y’all. We’ll get there. LOL!

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