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Best Baby Products For Second Time Moms

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The first time I had a baby, I was completely clueless about all of the things a little one needs. I mean, diapers, yeah. Onesie, sure. Everything else? I had no clue! Thankfully, my best friend was a nanny and helped me put my baby registry together. She was the pregnant lady fairy godmother that I needed at the time. Now, nearly eight years later, I’m finally having my second baby, and my fairy godmother is all the way across the country. Thankfully, I remembered a few things from the first go ’round (barely) and the closer I get to baby boy’s due date, a lot more is starting to come back to me.

If you’re a second time mom after a long break, you’re probably going through the exact same thing I am. No worries, though. I’m here to help you remember some of the most important things you need to put on your list for your brand new edition!

Munchkin STEP Diaper Pail

Munchkin STEP

If there is nothing else you get for your home in preparation for your baby, you have to get this diaper pail. Even if it’s been awhile since you’ve changed a diaper, I’m sure if you think hard you can remember the stinky little bundles from your little sweetie. The Munchkin STEP Diaper Pail comes with lavender scented baking soda by ARM & HAMMER™, and is proven #1 in odor control.

Mustela Skincare Products


Babies have the most delicate skin, and finding the right products is incredibly important. When I had my daughter, I found out just how important it was when she got a rash from a product that wasn’t as natural as it claimed to be. Mustela Diaper Rash Cream 123 and Hydra Bebe Body Lotion are made with a hypoallergenic formula and the use of effective natural ingredients. Mom also gets to be pampered thanks to the Stretch Mark Prevention Cream. (Note: Use code Babblebox17 for 15% Off sitewide at through 2/11/17)

Sesame Street Nourishing Naturals

sesame street nourishing naturals

Now that my daughter is taking showers all on her own, it does feel a little weird to think about going back to giving a baby baths. I have to say, I’m looking forward to it. I remember how giving her a bath was such a great time for us to bond, and I can’t wait to spend that sweet, quiet time with my little boy. Sesame Street Nourishing Naturals products are made for baby to enjoy the bathing experience. B is for Bubble Bath, Spray Me Lotion, and Tip, Tummy, and Toe 2-in-1 are dermatologist and pediatrician tested and are free of dyes and parabens.

Fisher-Price® Premium Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper with SmartConnect™

fisher price

As much as I remember loving to hold and snuggle my daughter when she was a baby, I also remember there were times when Mama needed a break! The Fisher-Price® Premium Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper with SmartConnect™ is a portable fold-up sleeper that is perfect for comforting newborns. The SmartConnect™ option allows you to customize baby’s experience with a soothing light show, adjust the rocking speed, or change the music. This is the one baby product I wish they made for moms!

Munchkin Baby Lifestyle Products


I’m ashamed to admit this, but I totally forgot that babies need bottles! Thank goodness for the Munchkin LATCH Bottle and Stainless Steel Bottle Brush! Perfect for moms who are planning to breastfeed like me. The LATCH bottle helps to make going from bottle to breast easier for baby. Later on, once Baby Boy gets older, he’ll progress to the bpa-free Miracle® Stainless Steel 360° Sippy Cup.

 Vichy Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Rich Cream


One of the most important things I remember from the first time I had a baby is that it is imperative that I don’t forget to take care of myself. It’s tempting and easy to do since everything is baby, baby, baby all the time, but mama needs to feel good, too. Vichy Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Rich Cream is 100% paraben free, and a easy luxurious way to keep new mom skin hydrated. (Note: Followers can get 20% off + free U.S. ground shipping using code BABBLE sitewide at through 11:59pm PST, 03/31/2017. Offer will automatically apply and cannot be combined with other discounts or gift sets.)

Do you feel a little more prepared now, second time mom? Is there anything on the list that you completely forgot about? Thanks again to for sending over this great selection of curated products!