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Tackling Domestic Violence Together #BeTheSolution

This important domestic violence conversation was sponsored by One2One Network. #BeTheSolution


Some days when I’m super busy out running errands and taking care of business, I can’t wait to get home. I envision myself in my sweet little nest, surrounded by my favorite people, and it gives me the push I need to make it through the day. My home is my resting place. I feel safe. I feel warm. I feel at peace. Regardless of how stressful things are out in the world, I’m comforted by the fact that I can always find peace at home. Not every woman feels this way, though. I have known many women who dreaded going home every day. There was so much uncertainty about what was waiting for them when they arrived. Some days, things would be fine. Other days, there’d be anger, chaos and violence. Living like that wore on them, not just physically, but mentally as well.

For some women, home isn’t a place where they can feel safe and peaceful. For some women, domestic violence prevents them from experiencing the comfort that I feel when I walk through my front door. Young, old, married, or dating, the victims of domestic violence come in all different packages. Regardless of who they are, or what our relationship is to them, we can all be the solution to helping them get out of their situation and find healing and safety.
BSCF Infographic
So, what kind of support can you offer a woman who is experiencing domestic violence? One organization, Blue Shield of California Foundation, is working to combat domestic violence through funding and public awareness. They’ve compiled resources for those of us who want to be allies, and given clear ideas for how to raise awareness of the issue of domestic violence. Here’s more about their #BeTheSolution campaign:
Blue Shield of California Foundation’s #BeTheSolution campaign is spreading the message that domestic violence is everyone’s issue to tackle. Each of us can play a role in identifying, addressing, and stopping domestic violence.
The comprehensive site that BSCF has created features tons of information on what you can do to help, where to get help if you are the victim of domestic violence or know someone who is, as well as information about the epidemic to help you to have conversations about it. The number one thing you can do to support a woman who is in a domestic violence situation is to not judge them. There are a lot of different challenges that make it hard to “just leave”. It’s important to keep that in mind. Will you commit to #BeTheSolution? Remember, domestic violence is everyone’s issue to tackle. Please show your support by checking out the photo gallery on BSCF’s Facebook page, and add your own photo to show solidarity. Make sure to use the hashtag #BeTheSolution when you share!