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Be More Childish

Just a few hours ago, I was all set to publish a post talking about how down I was and how I felt like I just wasn’t doing everything that I wanted to be doing in life. It was a mopey, whiney post that was, if I’m being honest, all about feeling sorry for myself. Before I was could finish writing it, though, T came home to pick Ayva and me up so that we could go to dinner. As the evening progressed, my blue mood faded away, and I started to relax and just enjoy my family. 
Although Ayva and I were together all day,she didn’t seem to notice a shift in my mood at all. I mean, she was the same talkative, bouncy, never stop moving little girl that she always is. Part of it is because I work to make sure she doesn’t feel when I’m feeling low, but the main reason that she didn’t notice is because she’s a child. It’s in their DNA to be innocent and optimistic about the challenges in the world around them. Even when they sense something is wrong, their first reaction is to think of it as an “adventure” or a challenge that can be resolved, as opposed to a problem to be stressed about. 
Then, to top it off, Ayva was in an extremely giggly mood. Seriously, she was cracking up! She kept saying “butt” and “poop” and going crazy with laughter. This went on for nearly an hour! From the time I unstrapped her out of her carseat, to the bedroom when I was changing her into her nightclothes, until well after her bedtime story was over. She was laughing so long and so hard that I seriously questioned whether her kid cup at the restaurant was really filled with water.
I learned a lesson this evening, though. I need to be more childish. It’s Friday night. I have a great family, a fabulous job, amazing friends…I was trying to get all deep, but the reality is, I should be laughing all the time! I have a 3 year old daughter who has brought so much joy and happiness to my life, and even though there were a few key people who worked hard to make my life miserable, they failed. Oh, yeah, I should be laughing big, hard belly laughs every single day that I wake up and I’m alive.
I’m going to try to be more childish. I’m going to think of the things that had me feeling blue as great big puzzles that I have to work on to figure out. It’s going to be an adventurous challenge. And I’m going to laugh more, because, come on, butts and poop…hilarious!