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“Fancy Nancy, The Musical” at Bay Area Children’s Theatre

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Well, they’ve done it again. The Bay Area Children’s Theatre once again has succeeded to impress my 5-year-old with another lively and engaging musical that she can’t stop talking about. This time it’s Fancy Nancy, The Musical, and to say that she loved it would be an understatement! I didn’t go with Ayva to the show this time. Instead, she was invited to attend with a couple of her BFFs from school. They were all dressed up in their fabulous dresses to attend the show, and it was really the cutest thing ever!

When Ayva returned home, the first thing she told me was what great singers the actors were. Ayva loves music, and all evening long she made up songs that were inspired by the show. I tried to get her to tell me her favorite part, but she kept replying, “All of it! Mom, the whole thing was my favorite part!” As far as reviews go, I’d say that is pretty glowing. Ha! Here’s more about the show straight from the Bay Area Children’s Theater:

Does it glitter? She loves it! Does it sparkle? She’s thrilled. In Nancy’s play world, even words can be fancy as long as they are lonnnggg . . . or French! Nancy and her dance class friends will soon perform Deep Sea Dance, their first recital—that’s fancy for show! She dreams of donning a tiara and diving into the role of an elegant mythical ocean dweller, but will she get the part?

Fancy Nancy, The Musical started on April 11th and is running through June 21st with shows in Berkeley, San Ramon, Mill Valley, and San Francisco. If you’re in the Bay Area, dust off your fanciest dress and head out to see Fancy Nancy, The Musical before it closes!


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