Joy and the Barbie Dreamhouse


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I don’t think there’s any mom in the world who doesn’t live to see her daughter’s eyes light up with delight when she’s super excited. Those bright eyes are truly my reason for living! Fortunately for me, my 7-year-old is incredibly happy and easy to please, so I get to experience her joy on a regular basis. Still, that didn’t quite prepare me for her reaction to the Barbie Dreamhouse!

When I was little girl, I coveted a Barbie Dreamhouse more than anything. As a military child, it wasn’t easy to have toys that were showcase pieces like this, though. That didn’t stop me from loving it, and I jumped at the chance to get one for my daughter when the opportunity came up. As a longtime fan of Barbie, I knew that she would be tickled at having a fabulous home for her dolls.

Since I mentioned the word “fabulous”, let’s talk about the Barbie Dreamhouse. This stunning abode for your little one’s favorite dolls stands 4 feet tall and it has 7 rooms. There’s a built-in garage, a swimming pool, and even an elevator! In the living room, she can bring the flat screen television to life by adding a smart phone to the built-in display, and everywhere she can have fun playing pretend with over seventy accessories that make the Barbie Dreamhouse truly a home.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your little girl this year, the Barbie Dreamhouse is it. My daughter literally lost it when it was delivered. She couldn’t believe how lovely the house was, and was up at 5 am the morning after my husband put it together because she couldn’t wait to play with it. I love watching her create fun stories with her dolls in the house, and listening to all of the fun dialogue she makes up as her dolls interact with the Barbie Dreamhouse. It truly is a toy that encourages creativity.