Babywearing helps me get more done.

I was on maternity leave with my first baby when my best friend gave me the most incredible gift ever. She taught me about babywearing and how to use a baby carrier.

A co-worker had given me her old one, and as a new mom it just looked like a bunch of straps and stuff. My bestie was visiting for the weekend, and after a day of struggling around the city with a big stroller, she said enough.

She fit the carrier on to me, showed me how to place my daughter in it, and from that day on I was all about the babywearing!

My daughter was strapped to me at all times. It felt incredibly natural and I loved the freedom and range of motion it gave me. That’s why it’s so crazy that I’ve never worn a baby on my back.

Why didn’t y’all tell me that wearing a baby on my back would be a game changer?

It made life so much easier

My son is nothing like my daughter. He’s incredibly active and now that he’s mobile, he just wants to go. Trying to get anything done around the house has been my biggest challenge over the last few months. Then my friends from Infantino sent over the GO FORWARD™ Evolved Ergonomic Carrier™ for me to try out. As I was reading up on it, I saw how easy it would be to put Jamie on my back, so I called Terrence down to help me.

I am a baby carrier junkie, so I have and use a bunch of different ones depending on the situation. What impressed me the most about the Infantino is how easy it is to use. With my first baby, I was so overwhelmed by the straps and things hanging from my secondhand carrier. The GO FORWARD™ Evolved Ergonomic Carrier™ is streamlined and looks like it can be conquered right out of the box.

Babywearing helps me get things done

Jamie isn’t a carrier baby in the way that Ayva was. He doesn’t mind it if he’s facing out (which he can do in the Go Forward!) and we are outside of the house. If we aren’t going somewhere, he doesn’t want to be worn. When I put him on my back, everything was different.

First, I was struck by how comfortable it was for me. I’m still dealing with some postpartum issues, so my core is not its strongest. The wide belt of the Go Forward carrier provided additional support that gave me more confidence and helped me to feel stronger.

I was amazed that Jamie liked it. As we were placing him in the carrier for the first time, he was nice and calm.

I washed dishes, cleaned the kitchen, started dinner, and made a snack—all while he was on my back! He didn’t mind at all. It was such a blessing to not have to chase after him while I was trying to do a few things around the house.

the Go Forward carrier Is one of my favorites

After I wore Jamie on my back for an hour, I decided I was in love with the Go Forward carrier. It has become my “in the trunk” carrier for every day adventures. It was able to get to that status because of how easy it is to change positions.

Even after my first stint of babywearing with my daughter, I’m still not an expert. It usually takes me a few minutes to get Jamie situated, and sometimes I still need help. I like that the Go Forward is easy to switch from back wearing to front wearing without a lot of bells and whistles.

There’s also no infant insert. I don’t know about y’all, but having a ton of extra pieces to my carrier stresses me out! What are those things for??? Other features that I love about the Go Forward carrier include:

  • 4 ways to carry: facing-in (narrow seat), facing-in (wide seat), ergonomic facing-out and back pack
  • Carry children from 8-40 lbs
  • Natural, ergonomic seat in ALL positions
  • Waistbelt extends from 26 inches to 60 inches
  • Extra-padded shoulder straps
  • Supportive waist belt transfers weight to wearers hips
  • Includes removable silicone teether and soft muslin hood