It’s all fun and games until they start rolling over

Learn how to keep your baby safe and comfy when they’re on the move in this sponsored post.

Just about a month ago, my life changed forever. What was a peaceful existence with a sweet little baby got turned up by a thousand percent. Want to know what was responsible for that change? Well, about a month ago, my 5-month-old son Jamie started rolling over.

I had just gotten comfortable with him sitting up, and liked the flexibility that skill gave me. I could sit him on the floor in the kitchen while I was washing dishes. He would stay upright if I placed him in the center of the bed while I was getting dressed. He was sturdy and still and I liked that! The rolling over, though? Oh, that’s a whole other ballgame!

When he first started rolling over, it was so fast I could never catch him in the act. I would step out of the room for a second and come back to see him in a different position. Now that I know what my stealth baby is capable of, I put a few measures into place to make sure he’s comfortable and safe enough to practice and perfect this new skill.

Keep Your Baby Safe and Comfortable When He Starts Rolling Over

Never leave him unattended.

I have a confession to make. My baby fell off the couch. My husband walked away for one second and in that time Jamie rolled off onto the floor. He wasn’t hurt, but it was a great reminder to make sure we have eyes on him at all times.

Keep the floors cleared of clutter.

Although Jamie isn’t crawling yet, he’s able to access a lot more things now that he’s moving. He loves being on the floor and I make sure to keep them cleared of any clutter. If there is even a tiny piece of paper on the floor, Jamie will definitely find it!

Dress him in clothes he can move in.

Instead of dressing him in bulky mini adult outfits, I keep him in things like ONESIES® Brand bodysuits so he has the full scope of his movement. They’re super cute to appease me, and comfortable and easy to move in for him. These affordable bodysuits are available at Walmart in tons of different patterns with socks and hats to match.

Take lots of video.

This phase isn’t going to last forever, so I make sure to take tons of video. I want to be able to look back and remember what life was like before crawling. Crawling. OH. MY. GOSH. Hold me!

What tips do you have for parents with babies who are rolling over?