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Smarter Baby Nesting Tips

I am a paid spokesperson for HEALTHY ESSENTIALS®

One of the best parts of being pregnant for me was the baby nesting phase. My home was never so clean and I was never more organized in my life! Once it really hit me that I was bringing another human into the world (and into my house!), I got to work making sure my baby would arrive and feel comfortable.

After thoroughly cleaning and decluttering my home, that’s when the fun started. I purchased and gathered anything and everything I could think of that would make life easy for my little one. I went overboard. A lot overboard. I can’t even begin to tell you how many things I purchased that never even got used one time.

Going through the baby nesting phase the second time around, I was a lot smarter. I stuck to a few key, classic essentials. Instead of overloading with trends and novelty items, I stuck with the must-haves. Want to know what I stocked up on? Read more about baby nesting on the HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® site.

Sharelle D. Lowery

Monday 27th of November 2017

I can totally see that! I want everything to be perfect for my baby too!! I need to check out the healthy essentials site! Thank you for sharing them with us!!!