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How to create a baby fun zone at home

Learn how to create a fun baby zone in this post sponsored by ONESIES. 

Life with a little baby isn’t that hard. When they’re newborns, as long as they’re fed, warm, and have a clean diaper they’re good. As they get older, you have to watch that they don’t roll off the couch, but for the most part, they stay where you put them. You can put them in a baby carrier if you need to get things done. You can strap them into a bouncy chair. Yeah, little babies are easy.

Then they start crawling.

They want to practice standing.

And they put anything they can find in their mouth.

Yeah, little babies are easy. When they get older, though, chasing after them becomes a full-time job! My Jamie is 7 months old now, and he never ever stops moving. If he’s awake, he’s climbing, crawling, grabbing, and reaching. For awhile I tried to rein it in, but I was driving myself crazy. Nobody puts baby in a playpen!

Instead, I create a safe space for him to play, explore, and practice those new skills he’s so excited about.

How to Create a Baby Fun Zone at Home

Open space

The first thing you need to create a baby fun zone at home is open space. We don’t have a big home, but I move some furniture out of the way and there’s plenty of room for Jamie to explore. It’s nice if the space has carpet that’s nice and soft for your baby to crawl on, or that softens their landing if they fall.

Comfortable clothes

Can you imagine how uncomfortable it would be to crawl and climb around wearing jeans? Think about what it must feel like for your baby. When they’re trying to have fun, they don’t need to be in tight clothes. ONESIES® Brand bodysuits and pants are comfortable and make it easy for babies to move around. They’re incredibly affordable and available at Walmart.


Pillows are super fun for babies. Pull them off of the couch or from your bed and toss them around your fun zone. Jamie loves to climb on them,and  smack his hand on them like drums. Also, since babies love to swing things around, at least a pillow doesn’t hurt when your baby clocks you in the head with one!

Toys and books

Toss a variety of toys and books into the baby fun zone. If you’re a super mom, you can do different themes each time. If you’re like me, just grab a few of your baby’s favorite things and toss them into the middle of the floor and around the room. Since our fun zone is in the living room, I always put some things on the couch so that Jamie has to stand and grab for them. It helps him stretch those motor skills!


Make sure to have a few different levels in your baby fun zone. We have our couch in our area, but you can also have sturdy tables, some boxes, or a low to the ground stool. You want your baby to be able to stay engaged, and the best way to do that is to have plenty of things for them to do.

Am I missing anything? What else would be a good addition to a baby fun zone?