17 reasons why your baby might be crying

Find out why your baby is crying in this sponsored post.

Babies cry. That’s a given. As a new mom again after taking an eight-year break, I forgot just how much they cry! It makes sense, though. It’s the only way they have to communicate. Otherwise, how would we know that they’re sleepy or hungry or need to be snuggled? There are some cases when a baby cries because they’re in a fussy mood, but usually it’s because they’re in need.

I was surprised to remember all of the ways that my baby needed me. He can’t do anything for himself. Figuring out why he’s crying and working to make him comfortable is the most important job I have right now. I don’t mind doing whatever it takes, because that’s what I’d do for myself. For example, if I was in the car and the sun was in my eyes, I’d pull down the visor or put on some sunglasses. Since my little guy can’t do that for himself, I’m here to make sure he has what he needs.

Most of the time, when my son is crying, it’s for a problem that can be fixed easily. Here are a few reasons why your baby might be crying and solutions to help them feel better.

17 Reasons Why Your Baby Might Be Crying


1. The sun is in their eyes.

Put a sunscreen over the window. If you live in a place with a lot of sun, get him a sun hat.

2. The straps on the car seat are uncomfortable.

While you can’t loosen a properly fitting harness (you should not be able to pinch any fabric when you make a vertical pinch in the strap webbing at your baby’s shoulders) make sure the straps are not digging into the sides of their neck or their thighs.

3. They are sitting on something in their car seat.

Check to make sure there isn’t a teething ring or other toy under their little booty.

4. Sitting backwards makes them feel sick.

Try not to drive as fast. Take shorter trips in the car.

5. They’re lonely.

If you have a passenger in the car and the baby won’t stop crying, have them sit in the back with your baby.


6. They’re overstimulated.

Try putting them in a carrier facing you, or in a stroller and covering the top with a blanket, leaving holes for airflow so your baby won’t get too hot. 

7. It’s too noisy.

Take them to a quiet place and help them calm down.

8. They’re tired of being touched by strangers.

Put them in a carrier so no one will touch them.

9. They’re sleepy.

It might be time to go home and put them to sleep.


10. They’re bored.

Get down on the floor and do something with them. Try singing a song or reading a book.

11. It’s too quiet.

Turn on some music and have a dance party.

12. They want to play.

Try games like peek-a-boo or sing “The Itsy Bitsy Spider.”

13. The temperature in the house is too hot or cold.

Take off their clothes if it’s too hot. Put on a long sleeve bodysuit if it’s too cold.

14. The outfit they’re wearing is uncomfortable.

Dress them in clothes that are soft, comfortable, and that they can move in.


15. They have gas.

Try massaging their stomach, or pedaling their legs in the air like they’re on a bike.

16. They have a diaper rash.

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17. They are hungry.

Feed that baby!

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