Awestruck And Anticipation

Awestruck and Anticipation #NakedMoms

Five years ago today, I was sitting in my small, 4 room apartment in Philadelphia with a newborn Ayva. Just 7 days old, we had only gotten out of the hospital 2 days earlier. The first night, my our home was filled with people. My sister, Ayva’s godmother, and godfather all stayed the night to help me try to figure out…everything. With no bottles to clean thanks to an eager to nurse newborn, and a co-sleeping arrangement, the first night went pretty well (just one episode of tears from me.) The second night, five years ago today, we were on our own. Taking care of Ayva, and continuing the bond that we started months before, I was kind of awestruck that this little human that I had been expecting and anticipating was finally here. To this day, I’m not quite over it.

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Awestruck and Anticipation

Awestruck and Anticipation

Mom and Newborn

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