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This Olympic Athlete and Mom Wins the Balance Game

Learn how a gold medal Olympian balances motherhood with her sport in this sponsored post.

Motherhood is one of the most important jobs many women will have in life. I imagine being an Olympic gold medalist would come in as a close second. Can you imagine holding both positions at the same time? Trying to figure out nursing while training extensively for your sport? Learning to balance being a mommy with being a world-class athlete?

These are the challenges Olympic gold medalist Dana Vollmer has been overcoming since she gave birth to her sweet son, Arlen. I had the opportunity to meet Dana (along with her baby and medals!) at event recently at Babies-R-Us. As an ambassador for the brand, Dana gave us a tour around the store, sharing her favorite P&G products, and describing what life is like as a professional athlete and mom.

You know what I discovered? Even though I can’t swim a lick, and Dana represents our country as one of the best swimmers on the planet, when it comes to parenting, we have a lot in common! She talked about creating a schedule that works best for her family, and shared how her parents encouraged her as an athlete by being supportive and encouraging from an early age.

dana vollmer

Like most moms, Dana came armed with tips and tricks for other mamas. The best tip she gave was about the Babies-R-Us registry. If you register for your new baby at Babies-R-Us and your family and friends purchase you gifts from the registry, you can earn a gift card of up to 10% of the total gifts sold. It’s like a gift on top of a gift! I definitely filed that piece of information in my mama files!

The coolest thing that happened, though, was my Ayva getting the opportunity to try on Dana’s gold medal. I teared up watching her interact with Dana because #girlpower #possibilities #makingmemories!

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Take a look at this video and learn more about Dana Vollmer and how she manages to balance it all!