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At Least The Chicken Is Good For Them

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Learn why going organic is important to my family in this post sponsored by Foster Farms®.

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Twenty years ago if you would have told me that I’d be a mom living in California spending nights browsing through cookbooks looking for healthy recipes to feed my family, I would have thought you were crazy! Back then, I was a teenager going off to college without a care in the world. I definitely didn’t care about the food I was eating. Pizza and fast food were my meals of choice in those days. Eating organic was still a novelty then, and it certainly wasn’t on my radar. A lot has changed over the years.

Foster Farms Organic Chicken

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I know that we’re all so busy, and that sometimes it’s easy to head to the drive through instead of into the kitchen. Honestly, I still do that sometimes. Concern for my family’s health, however, has me doing it a lot less frequently than I would have in the past. Instead, I keep chicken in the freezer, onions, peppers, broccoli and a host of other easy-to-cook vegetables in the fridge, plenty of spices in the cabinet, and rice in the pantry. I can always whip something up in just about 30 minutes, any night of the week.

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Eating healthy and organic isn’t just on my radar. It’s one of the things that I strive to do on a regular basis. I’m always trying out different recipes on Terrence and Ayva to introduce them to new ingredients like quinoa and brussels sprouts because it’s important to me that they know that healthy and organic doesn’t mean that it can’t taste delicious. I definitely don’t want Ayva to go the same “fast food all the time” route that I did as a teenager. It’s why I go to the Farmer’s Market to purchase produce straight from the folks who grow it, and to let Ayva taste new fruits and vegetables. It’s also why I use Foster Farms® Organic Chicken in my recipes. Foster Farms Organic Chicken is  vegetarian fed, Non-GMO Project Verified, American Humane Certified, and Certified Organic by the USDA. What that means is even if the recipe I use doesn’t quite turn out as expected, at least the chicken is good for them!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Foster Farms® Organic Chicken.