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5 ideas for family fun using the Amazon Fire tablet

Learn how the Amazon Fire is bringing my family together in this post sponsored by Amazon.

My 9-year-old daughter loves screens. Computers, tablets, television, cell phones, you name it, she loves it. I have to admit that she got it honest. When I was her age, I couldn’t get enough of old school sitcoms and court shows. I had a big ole clunky computer in my room, too. I would write stories and play primitive video games on it at all hours of the night.

Things were different then. The content I consumed as a kid is a lot different than what my daughter could potentially be exposed to. Unfortunately for her, that means limited screen time. No computer or television in her room, and I don’t even want to hear about a cell phone!

You know what though, y’all?

I still love television and computers. I enjoy chilling out and watching videos or listening to music. It really doesn’t make sense to hold that back from Ayva when I understand why she loves it so much.

Thank goodness we have found a compromise, because honestly, I’m exhausted about arguing over it. The Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet is the perfect way for both Ayva and me to indulge in our love of content without going overboard.

Ayva get to have digital fun, and I don’t have to worry.

All of the things that I was worried about; the access to inappropriate content, spending too much time on a screen, and not really knowing what Ayva was doing online aren’t a concern with the Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet.

Thanks to Amazon FreeTime and the parental controls, I can manage Ayva’s time spent on the device. I set usage limits, make sure she’s accessing age appropriate content, and can even set educational goals.

The tablet is not a toy, and Ayva knows that. She understands that even though she has access to 15,000 apps, games, videos, books, and more thanks to a free year (the first year) of FreeTime Unlimited, that being able to use the device is a privilege.

I love how it’s helping her be more responsible. We don’t have to tell her that it’s time for her to go to bed. She knows that when her FreeTime is up, it’s time for lights out.

She plugs her tablet in to make sure it stays charged, and handles it carefully. The tablet does have a 2-year worry free guarantee. If her Amazon Fire Kids Edition gets broken, it will be replaced for free. Ayva doesn’t know that, though!

Other features that we love with our Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet:

  • Has a 7” display
  • 16 GB of storage
  • Kid-proof case
  • Regularly priced at $99.99

The Fire Kids Edition tablet brings us together.

Of all the things I like about the tablet, what I love the most is that it’s a low-key way to bring Ayva and me together. It seems like we’re always on the go, so being able to hang out and watch a few videos, or read a book together is a treat.

You know what we started doing since she got the Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition? We’re reading Harry Potter! It’s the first time for both of us, and we are loving it.

The book is part of the FreeTime Unlimited library! When Ayva saw it, she was so excited! She asked me if we could read it together, and of course I had to say yes.

I’ll admit that sometimes I get so caught up in parenting that I forget to stop and have fun. Everything doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

Ayva has already started taking pictures of everyone in the family, and is working on a movie about her baby brother. The way that she’s interacting with the tablet and involving the family reminds me that the purpose of digital media and electronic devices is actually to bring folks closer, to open the world up.

Five family time ideas

There are so many other ways to have fun family time with the Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet. Ayva and I brainstormed all of the things we want to do. Here’s our top five!

  1. Set a goal to read 50 books over the summer.
  2. Create a digital photo album of all of our friends and family.
  3. Bake a cake together. The tablet comes with a case that makes it easy to use in the kitchen.
  4. Set up a tent on the deck outside and watch a movie.
  5. Download some music videos, drive to the beach, and play them while we’re having a picnic.

What’s your take on screen time? Are you strict or pretty flexible?

Find out more about the Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet on Amazon.

Steve Simmons

Saturday 13th of November 2021

Thank you so much for your great tips. Some of the information I don’t know before. One of my cousins wants to buy a tablet as he is cross ten that why his family doesn’t want to buy any tablet for him. You talk about a beautiful amazon Tablet that will be best for him. By using this tablet, he will be able to learn many things.

Michelle Garrett

Sunday 13th of May 2018

Thanks for sharing this! Miss V recently got her iPad taken away because she was doing too much (even with the parental blocks!) and we were looking for the right alternative. After reading this article and speaking with the folks from Amazon at a recent conference, the Fire Kids Edition is definitely what we need to invest in for her at this time.