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A Little Sour For My Sweet

Thanks to Haribo Sour Gold-Bears for sponsoring this treat for my sweetie!

My husband isn’t a fan of a lot of sweets. He doesn’t like chocolate, could give or take ice cream, and really doesn’t like cake. The one thing that he does like, though, and could eat a boatload of, is sour, gummy candies. When the folks at Haribo gave me the opportunity to try out the new Sour Gold-Bears, I had to say yes. I mean, there’s no way I’d give up a chance to get on hubby’s sweet side!

Haribo is the maker of the original gummy bear. When I lived in Germany (where we pronounced them “goo-me”) as a preteen,I probably ate my weight in the little bears over the years. Now, my husband is fan thanks to the Sour Gold-Bears. The bears are nice and chewy, just how I remember, with a dusting of just right sour. My favorite flavor, pineapple, is just as juicy tasting as ever! From Haribo:

Riding on strong U.S. sour gummies category, the company has perfected the sour/sweet combination by taking the flavors from the ever-popular original Gold-Bears, including Pineapple (clear), Strawberry (green), Lemon (yellow), Orange (orange) and Raspberry (red); and making them sour. The new Sour Gold-Bears taste fresh, fruity and uniquely sour – but not too sour.

While I normally wouldn’t tempt my husband with a candy jar full of his favorite type of candy, he totally deserves it. This month has been pretty busy for him and it’s not likely to slow down until the end of the year. Haribo Sour Gold-Bears will be a nice little pick me up for his crazy days. I decided to make him a candy jar to keep the sour gummy bears on his desk at work.

The candy jar was really easy to make. I used Duck Tape (so great for easy crafts!) in black and gold, the colors of his beloved fraternity. I wrapped the tape around a candy jar, and in about 7 minutes, I had a nice little sour treat for my sweetie!

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