A Fun Way To Learn About Fire Safety

This is a sponsored post on behalf of the great folks at NFPA & WeAreTeachers.
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When you live in a state that is going through one of the worst droughts in its history, you learn a lot about fire safety. Besides the impact that drought has on crops, animals and humans, it can also be a catalyst for fire and make it more difficult to put fires out. It’s important that kids and adults know about fire prevention, but it’s especially important here.

Educating little kids about fire safety can be scary. When I first started talking to Ayva about fires last year, and we made our family safety plan, she told me she had a dream about fire, and was worried for days about us having one. Having an app like the new NFPA/Sparky.org Fire Safety app, Sparky’s Brain Buster’s can help you teach your little ones in a way that’s gentle and not scary at all.

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Sparky’s Brain Buster’s is a fun way for kids to test their knowledge about fire safety. Because it’s a game, it’s an engaging way to learn new information that they may not have known about fire. The game isn’t just about fire, though. In addition to fire safety, it also covers subjects like math, science, and social studies. I really like that the app integrates fire safety with the other subjects. I believe that it’s just as important for kids to know how to prevent fires as it is for them to know science and math!

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In fact, I was inspired to engage Ayva in an integrated fire safety lesson after checking the app out. We went through our building to find all of the signs pertaining to fire. That led to a conversation about the exit route, and a plan to check out all of the routes when she gets out of school today.

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Find out more about Sparky’s Brain Busters on the Sparky’s Schoolhouse site. You can get the app on iTunes or Amazon for Android. Be sure to check out these great lesson plans, too, to help guide your conversation with your kids!