Ways To Give Back When You Don’t Have Money

ways to give back

ways to give back

Every year, when December rolls around, folks start feeling extra generous.

It’s my favorite thing about Christmas and the holiday season!

People are buying gifts for their family and friends.

They’re also closing the year out by giving back to others.

In fact, the first Tuesday in the month is now called Giving Tuesday, and non-profits and other social good organizations get to take center stage and receive tons of publicity and financial support.

It really does feel great to give back, but what if you don’t have the money?

I know from personal experience that sometimes a desire to give isn’t enough.

Organizations need funding.

But guess what? There are plenty of other ways to give back even when you don’t have a lot of money.

What are some ways to give back when you don’t have money?

1. Follow your favorite organization online.

We’re in the digital age now, so there are often many ways to give without actually donating money.

By commenting on their statuses and sharing their content, you can increase their reach.

The more folks who know about them, the more potential supporters!

2. Volunteer.

Even if you’re short on time, many organizations offer different opportunities based on how long you can give.

Don’t forget to ask your employer if there is a policy on volunteer time.

You may find that you can get off of work without having to lose income!

3. Connect someone with money to your favorite organization.

Even if you don’t have a lot of money to be able to support, introduce your well off friends to organizations that you think they might be interested in supporting.

This could actually be an even greater support if your friend is loaded and loves to give!

ways to give back

4. Host a social media giving campaign.

It’s easier than ever these days to share the good news of your favorite non-profit.

Instagram and Facebook both let you request donations on behalf of a non-profit and the money goes straight to them.

Since we’re all on social media all the time anyway, might as well make it count!

5. Collect supplies for an organization.

In the same way that you can collect funds on behalf of an organization, you can also collect supplies.

Occasionally non-profits or individuals in need will say they need an item in bulk. 

It could be something like books or pajamas for kids.

Maybe it’s 1000 toilet paper rolls for a community art project.

This is a great way for a project manager type to give back!

ways to give back

6. Hop on someone else’s giving train.

There are plenty of individuals and organizations who organize ways to give back.

From neighborhood cleanups to packing holiday meals, connect with volunteer groups on sites like Nextdoor or Meetup.

7. Donate items from your own home.

When it comes to donating, don’t just give away the things you don’t like anymore.

Take a deep look around your house and find things that you don’t use that could benefit another family.

You can take the items to Goodwill, but if you post it for free in your neighborhood group, you might be able to help a neighbor in need.

8. Make a pledge.

If you can’t give cash now, but know you’re going to be able to later, some organizations will let you make a pledge.

With a pledge, you commit to giving a certain amount of money by a designated time in the future.

A lot of times you can make the payment in installments.

Remember, whatever you can do helps. Many hands make light work, and every little bit counts.