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7 Unexpectedly Convenient Places to Wear a Baby

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Learn why baby-wearing is so convenient in this sponsored post!

I was about midway through maternity leave with my first child when my best friend let me in on a sacred mama secret. A professional nanny, my bestie was was smarter than I was about all things baby. She always knew the most efficient way to do things with a baby.

She had been visiting me for the weekend and was about to head home. I was going to walk her to the train station, and was struggling to open my stroller so my daughter could come along. After watching me for a few moments, she pointed to a hand-me-down baby carrier that was hanging over my door. “Why don’t you just use that?”, she asked. I admitted that I was intimidated by all of the hanging straps and doodads so I never learned how to use it. She took it down, adjusted it to fit my body, and showed me how to position the baby. My daughter was 4 weeks old and I’ve been a proud baby-wearing mama every since.

After that day, I rarely took a stroller with me anywhere. It was just easier to strap my daughter to my chest and do what I had to do. Eight years later, I have a new baby and I still prefer to wear him than to pull out a big stroller. It’s even easier now that there are carriers like the Ergobaby Omni360 that can be used for babies from seven pounds all the way up to 33 pounds—without an insert! It’s just another way to simplify getting around with a baby.

Not everyone believes in the efficiency of baby-wearing, and that’s okay. Even still, there’s no denying that there are some places where it’s just more convenient to carry your little one than to push them around in a stroller. Check out this list of unexpectedly convenient places to wear a baby and let me know if you agree!

7 Unexpectedly Convenient Places to Wear a Baby

Amusement park

Walking around an amusement park with a stroller is a nightmare. Trying to find places to store it when I have to go to the bathroom, or if I want to go into a live show is the pits! I prefer to carry my baby so I can have my hands free for churros and waving to Ayva and Terrence when they’re on roller coasters!

Farmer’s Market

The farmer’s market near our house is jam packed with amazing vendors. Trying to navigate a stroller through those tight aisles seems so insane to me. I’d rather cruise through picking up kale and strawberries with my baby strapped to my chest.


My son has been to two parades already in his young life, and both times he was in a baby carrier. He faces out so that he can see and participate, and I don’t have to deal with trying to drive a stroller through thousands of people.

While shopping

Jamie is still little enough that it’s easier to carry him in a carrier and push a cart when I go to the market. It’s one of his favorite places to go because there’s so much to look at. I can wear him on my hip with the Ergobaby Omni360, stick my debit card in the detachable pouch that comes with it, and walk around without having to worry about carrying a ton of stuff.


Our church starts at a time that just happens to be when Jamie is napping. Wearing him facing me in the Ergobaby Omni360 keeps him nice and comfy. The best part is that I can still stand up to sing!


The library is filled with bookshelves, and the aisles are super narrow. It doesn’t make sense to drag a heavy stroller through the stacks. I wear Jamie and my hands are free to pick up and browse through the latest book from my favorite author.

Conference or work event

Even though I’m a proud work at home mom, I still get a little self conscious when I go to work events and bring my baby. Wearing him makes me feel less conspicuous when I go to conferences or work events. I also find that it keeps Jamie calmer and I can get more networking and schmoozing done.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ergobaby.