5 Ways to Have Fun With Your Kids This Summer…For FREE!

I just signed Ayva up for summer camp. I was fortunate to still get a slot, even though I was about 2 months late. Yes, y’all. The race to get in a good, affordable camp starts early. Just add that to one of the other things no one ever tells you before you become a parent! Even though she’ll be in camp for a few hours per day, I still need to keep her occupied the rest of the time. I asked my friend, Janeane from Janeane’s World, and mother of 4,  for some ideas to have fun (for free!) this summer. She wrote these great tips up for me to share with you all! Check Janeane out on her blog, as well as on Pushing Lovely, where she’s the Editor! ~Brandi

Each summer parents scramble for fun things to do with their kids. For kids, summer is over in a flash. For parents not used to having to keep little ones entertained for hours on end, day after day, the summer can seem very long. If you don’t have a plan of fun things to do with your children, the summer will seem even longer. If you’re not careful, desperation takes over, and the next thing you know, you’ve spent a mortgage payment taking your family to the movies because you can’t think of anything else to do! In an effort to help you save money…and your sanity, here are five fun and free things to do with your kids this summer:

1. Bowling
Check out www.kidsbowlfree.com. Bowling alleys all across the country are giving kids a chance to bowl free every this summer. A great thing about the program is that for a small fee  four adults can bowl with the kids on the family plan.

2. Family Game Night at the Playground
Most families have games of some kind at home. Pull out your game of choice and instead of playing on the swings and the slides, get the family together to have game night at the playground. If you really want to make it fun, bring sandwiches and cold drinks.

3. Scottish Picnic
A Scottish picnic means you get your picnic food and family together and picnic in the car.  If you want to get fancy, create your own drive in by watching a movie on your computer tablet.

4. Origami
he Japanese of paper folding is something fun for kids of all ages. If you have no idea how to do it, don’t despair, there are plenty of free apps you can download!

5. Pick a Walk
Have fun and stay in shape at the same time by going for a walk in your neighborhood. Not just any walk. At each corner or intersection a different person gets to pick the way to turn or walk next. You will see lots of new places and have fun. Be sure to take pictures along the way.

What other ideas do you all have for having  free fun with kids over the summer? Share them in the comments. I need all the help I can get! 

3 responses to “5 Ways to Have Fun With Your Kids This Summer…For FREE!”

  1. Arelis Cintron Avatar

    These are great tips! My church hopes to do more things with the youth in our parish and FREE is great on our budget!

    1. BrandiJeter Avatar

      Oh yes, free makes EVERYTHING more fun for the adults! LOL!

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