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5 Things Your Husband Does NOT Want For Christmas

5 Things Your Husband Does Not Want for Christmas

When it comes to holidays, the gifts that Husbands get often pale in comparison to the gifts that Wives get. I’m not complaining, I love being spoiled! This year, though, Wives, let’s step our game up. Instead of getting our guys what we THINK they want, let’s look for things that are going to be useful and enjoyable for them. Since every man is different, and I’m sure no one knows your man better than you, instead of offering suggestions of what to get your husband, I’m going to share 5 things I’m pretty sure they don’t want.

1. A Family Musical

Yes, it was cute when the Huxtable kids did it, and Cliff really did seem to enjoy it. That was television, though. I’m sure your husband would get a kick out of seeing your kids dance and lip-sync to his favorite old school jam, but afterwards he’d be looking around for his present like, “Uh…that’s not it. Oh. Wait. That is it. Well, uh, thanks.”



2. Self Help Books

There is a time and a place for everything. Christmas Day may not be the time to let your man know that  there are a few things that you need him to work on. One might think that you were trying to be, oh…passive aggressive, by wrapping up a self-help book for Christmas instead of having a conversation.

Emotionally abusive relationship

3. A Framed Picture of You

Yes, Girl, you look good. But come on, Sis. Don’t do your man like that. It’s just a little narcissistic to think that your husband, who looks at you every single day, really wants you to wrap a framed photograph of yourself and present it to him. Okay, maybe it could make a nice stocking stuffer, but I’m telling you, if it’s not a sexy bouidour shot…it ain’t worth it.

duck face mona lisa


4. Outdated Technology

There’s a reason that Best Buy has that phone on sale on Black Friday for 1 cent. Because it’s old as dirt, and nobody wants it. Wives are notorious deal finders. We can save money on anything! When it comes to your husband’s Christmas present, though, try not to go more than one generation away from the most recent release. Regardless of how much it costs.

car phone in bag

5. Just About Anything You Can Make From Pinterest

Last year  I sat with Terrence and showed him one of my Pinterest boards that I had filled with things that I was planning to make him but never got around to. Trust me when I say that he was not disappointed, nor did he encourage me to get started on the crafts because he was missing out. Most crafts are simply too…crafty…for husbands. They’ll never be excited about a glue gun as we are.

Theo Huxtable Shirt

Okay, Wives. Tell the truth. Does this list pertain to just me? I mean, I know a lot of y’all are way more crafty than me, so your homemade Pinterest gifts might be welcome in your marriage. As for me and my man…I think I’m better off sticking to Macy’s!

I know what NOT to get, but I have no idea what I’m getting Terrence this year. What are you getting your husband?  

Brandi Riley

Saturday 30th of November 2013

I agree, @Davishia! We know our men, but how about just going with what he says he likes and needs? Oh, and Cliff's PJs are so cute!

Brandi Riley

Saturday 30th of November 2013

Yes, T loves the food on Pinterest, but if I were to try to give him a cake as his only gift? Honey...#maritalproblems LOL!

Sarah Donza-Hughes

Monday 25th of November 2013

OH I love when Denise made Theo that shirt!! That was one of my favorite episodes!! Mona Lisa duckie face is hilarious too!!


Sunday 24th of November 2013

Wow -- now I love this!!! -- Each one of these are true (well, my hubby may want a framed picture of me, but in "Vogue/VS" fashion or something!! LOL ~Awesome list - you nailed it!!