5 Binge-Worthy Shows On Netflix For Couples

5 binge worthy shows for couples

5 binge worthy shows for couples

There are two types of married couples, those who binge watch Netflix together, and those who don’t. Terrence and I definitely do. It’s surprising, really, because when it comes time to choose movies at the theater, we very rarely agree. Eight to thirteen episodes of the same show, however? Not problem. Go figure! Our first couple binge was “The Wire”. I stayed with him through 3 seasons before it got too dark for me. He’s such a supportive and loving husband that he stopped and switched to House Of Cards and then Orange Is The New Black with me.

Are you one half of a couple looking to start a binge tradition? Here are a few suggestions of my favorite shows to snuggle up with bae and watch!

For the couple who loves food

Chef’s Table is a Netflix original series that follows a different unique chef on each episode. My friend and fellow #StreamTeam member, Amiyrah introduced us to the show. We watched every single episode in 2 days. Binge this show with a couple of glasses of wine, a good cheese, and some thick crusty bread. You’ll be inspired to eat while you watch it!

chef's table

For the couple who likes to laugh

I wasn’t sure how Terrence would feel about The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, but he loved it just as much as I did. Laugh out loud funny, this show is great to binge when you’re going through a stressful time. It’s light and outrageously hysterical. Popcorn, champagne and M&Ms are great snacks to indulge in while binge watching this series.


For the sensitive couple

This summer’s surprise binge hit for us was Grace & Frankie. The series, about a couple of wives whose husbands leave them for each other, started off slow but we’re so glad we stuck with it. By the third episode, we were smitten with the authenticity in the performances and the realness of the relationships being portrayed. If you have pound cake and hot tea, they’d be perfect for snacking on during this show.


For the couple who loves suspense

Bloodline is another Netflix original series. The show is about a seemingly normal family with a lot of secrets. The show will keep you on your toes, and just when you think you’ve figured things out, you realize you had it wrong all along. Watch Bloodline with a serious drink (whiskey and Coke, maybe) and a handful of mixed nuts.


For the action loving couple

Although I’m not a big action movie fan, I actually enjoyed Marvel’s Daredevil. A good storyline and great action sequences made it possible for Terrence and I to find something that we both could enjoy. Sparkling water or soda and chips go well when you’re on the edge of your seat watching Marvel’s Daredevil.


What do you and your husband binge on? Any suggestions for me?

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