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4 Unique Ways for Moms to Use Twitter

moms and twitter
It’s been nearly 6 years since I started this blog. Back then, Periscope wasn’t even thought of, Instagram didn’t exist, and Facebook Pages were still in their preschool years. My social platform of choice in 2010 was Twitter. Even though I only had a handful of followers, it was really the place where I really started to build community.

Since then, Twitter has changed. Moms like me who make a living online have discovered the benefit of using Twitter as a selling tool when we’re pitching clients. Businesses and corporations recognize how powerful the platform can be in promoting their product or services. As a result of both of those things, Twitter can be seen as a place where there’s nothing but selling going on. It’s just not true, though, y’all!

Read Sell Yourself on Yourself

You don’t have to be a business, a blogger, or a consumer looking for a deal to benefit from Twitter. It’s still a very social platform, and moms, in particular, can get a lot from using it. Not sure how to get started? Here are 4 unique ways that moms can get the most out of Twitter.

Join interesting discussions

Are you one of those brave souls who likes to discuss politics in public? Do a search on Twitter for the topic that you’re interested in discussing, and you’ll be able to find someone who’s talking about it. On Twitter, it’s totally okay for you to join a conversation (respectfully) with someone that you don’t know. Go and be social!

Find out about events in your area

Have you been wanting to get out more in your city but aren’t sure where to go? Search your city + things to do, or your city + restaurant, or your city + this weekend, and you’ll be led down a rabbit hole of real-time discovery from actual people in your area. From there you’ll get links, articles from bloggers who might be sharing information about events, and everything you need to have an offline adventure.

Connect with local moms

If you’re interested in meeting up with moms who are just like you in your area, put a call out on Twitter! A simple tweet like “Looking to meet up with #Moms in #Oakland for coffee. I have a toddler. Wanna hang?” could lead to you meeting awesome new friends. I did that when I moved here (well, I asked for Bay Area bloggers to connect with), and was introduced by people I knew to people they knew who lived in the Bay Area…and it all happened on Twitter!

Discover niche communities

Are you a crunchy mama who believes in breastfeeding or babywearing? Are you passionate about coffee, or thinking about moving to another country with your family? Search for hashtags on Twitter to meet other people who are just like you. Tweet at them, add them to a Twitter list, and build your online community up!

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