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365 Days of Daughter


Every new year, people all over the world sit down and map out their goals for the next 12 months. Those of us who participate in the ritual have things on our list like be more healthy or save a lot of money. Some folks are more specific with their resolutions with run a marathon by October or get accepted to grad school for the fall. I have a mixture of both of those things on my list for 2016, but I’m also doing something a little different.I’m focusing on Ayva.

From my own experience, I understand how important the mother / daughter relationship is to the self-esteem of a girl. Her confidence comes from knowing that she has someone in her corner that will be there for her no matter what. By being intentional about focusing on Ayva this year, I’m planting seeds that let her know she’s important and she deserves to have my undivided attention.

Tonight we sat down together and wrote out our goals. I listened as she talked about wanting to learn to ride her bike now that the training wheels are off, and she encouraged me when I said I wanted to get more organized. Before she went to bed, I gave her a manicure and tried to figure out the answers to the riddles she read me from one of her joke books. It was a great start to a new year that’s all about her.


That’s what I’m calling it.

365 days of loving on my baby girl, of celebrating her, and of sowing into her.

I believe that through the act of engaging with her in more meaningful ways, focusing on modeling being a giving, thoughtful and confident woman, and being present will not only benefit her but increase my soul as well.

All year long I’m going to be letting you in on the things that Ayva and I are doing, and sharing ideas of ways that you can celebrate your own daughter on this blog and on social media. I want to hear your tips, advice and stories of raising girls, too. Join me all year and tag me (@BrandiJeter) or use the #365daysofdaughter hashtag.


Friday 1st of January 2016

I love this!!! I so enjoyed your 30 day challenge over the summer and look forward to building upon it this year. My daughter has taught me so much in the brief time she's been in our lives (4 years) and I look forward to dedicating more time to her this year - quality time. Especially in these last months before she officially becomes a kindergartner (my last baby!).