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25 Ways To Empower Your Daughter

empower your daughter


That’s such a strong word, isn’t it? 

It’s much more powerful than encouragement (which is important, too).

To empower someone goes beyond making them feel good about themselves, though.

It’s about giving them the tools to do good for them themselves. In a nutshell, when you empower your daughter, you provide a foundation of success for her.

There will certainly be challenges that she’ll face.

The thing about raising an empowered girl, though, is that she’ll know what to do when they arise.

Here are things you can do to empower your daughter starting now.

How to empower your daughter

  • Give her choices.
  • Expose her to people who are different than she is.
  • Read to her.
  • Travel with her.
  • Let her choose her own books at the library.
  • Allow her to dress herself.
  • Volunteer as a family.
  • Ask her open-ended questions.
  • Ask her opinion about things.
  • Give her the opportunity to make choices that will impact others besides herself.
  • Put her in situations where she’ll have to work hard.
  • Put her in situations where she may not win.

empower your daughter

  • Teach her how to research things.
  • Introduce her to remarkable women.
  • Take her feelings seriously.
  • Spend quality time doing something that she wants to do.
  • Be honest with her.
  • Be affectionate and loving.
  • When she makes a mistake, correct it right away.
  • Compliment her when she does something right…or if she tries and it’s wrong.
  • Remind her that she is loved even if she gets in trouble.
  • Be aware of the times she’s trying to assert herself. Give her space.
  • Be intentional about empowering her.
  • Don’t spoil her. Help her to understand that she won’t always get what she wants.
  • Model confidence.

empower your daughter

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Saturday 22nd of October 2022

I love this post and am feeling empowered myself after reading this. It's the best heart felt realist piece I have read all day. So appreciative for the beautiful queen Mama's insight. Well done, well done, well done!!


Tuesday 25th of October 2022

I'm so glad it had that effect! Thank you for sharing!


Saturday 17th of September 2016

Yes, we have lots to do with children. I like this: Read to her, Travel with her.

Chandra Sparks Splond

Tuesday 2nd of February 2016

Great list. Thank you for sharing.


Monday 14th of December 2015

This was great! It gave me confidence that I'm not doing everything wrong lol thanks!

Irina Vakulchik

Monday 7th of December 2015

What a great list... I have three daughters and I want to raise Godly and strong women. I love #2...yes exposing her to different people. This will help her to understand others and have compassion towards others.