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10 Things To Say To Your Child Every Day

10 Things To Say To Your Child Every Single Day

Not a day goes by when I don’t go to bed thinking of fifty ways that I could have been a better mom to Ayva. I mean, I know I’m a great mom. I love Ayva more than anything, and I work hard to make her happy, but there’s always room for improvement. Sometimes I could be more attentive, or more patient. Then, there’s nights like tonight, when I was on my way to the market to get groceries for dinner…and ended up going through the drive through at a fast food restaurant.

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But, that’s the nature of motherhood. Tonight we had fast food, tomorrow morning, I’ll be at the farmer’s market bright and early getting local, organic produce for meals for next week. There are ups and there are downs. Sometimes I’ll be able to read a huge stack of books at bedtime, other nights, it’ll be one short picture book and lights out. The one thing that I realized I can do, no matter what’s going on, is say these ten thing  every single day. These short phrases and questions help me to not get so engrossed in my work that I forget to engage, and they let Ayva know that I care about what she does and what she thinks. Even if you’ve got a lot going on, take the time to say these ten things to your child every single day, and watch your child’s self-esteem grow!

10 Things to Say to Your Child Every Single Day

1. I will always be here for you.  (Encourages a sense of safety)

2. How’s your friend, _______? (Encourages a habit of open communication about their friends. Will come in handy when they get older!)

3. What did you do at school today? (Encourages conversation and personal sharing)

4. What do you think about…? (Encourages leadership and responsibility)

5. What would you like to eat? (Encourages decision making)

6. What are you thankful for today? (Encourages gratitude)

7. What do think we should do about…? (Could be anything from, “What do you think we should do about all of this artwork, to what do you think we should do about this empty water pitcher.” Encourages critical thinking)

8. The way you ________ was POSITIVE ADJECTIVE. (Encourages positive self-esteem)

9. How did you sleep last night? Any interesting dreams? (Encourages casual conversation and builds relationship)

10. I love you. (This should be said multiple times per day, preferably with hugs and/or kisses)


Monday 16th of October 2017

Great post! I'm going to make sure I say these 10 things to my son every single day.

Lissa Crane

Sunday 9th of October 2016

Beautiful! I book marked this one!


Monday 7th of April 2014

Very true and inspirational! We must be intentional about them though, or we may never remember... Thanks for sharing!


Tuesday 8th of April 2014

Thank you for commenting, @UgoJoloms:disqus! You are right...the intention is what truly makes a difference!


Sunday 6th of April 2014

Couldn't agree more with those 10 things to say to our children. First time on your blog and reading your "about me" section made me want to read more from your blog. Interesting I should say!


Tuesday 8th of April 2014

Thank you for visiting, @Fourerr! I really appreciate it!