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10 Shows That Spunky Little Girls Will Love

I am a proud member of the Netflix Stream Team.

10 shows that spunky girls will love

Note: My entire family enjoys Netflix together. Terrence was so excited that Inspector Gadget is back that he was inspired to write about how he’s looking forward to introducing Ayva to his favorite old cartoon!

When I was growing up, I watched a lot of television. That was back before parents were overly concerned about screen time, which is great because I just had to watch my cartoons! I still do, actually. Now that I’m a parent, though I get to enjoy cartoons with my favorite little sidekick, Ayva. You can’t imagine how excited I am that one of my favorite shows,  Inspector Gadget has been reimagined and is now available on Netflix. While we try to limit Ayva’s screen time (yeah, we’re those parents),  I’ll make an exception to our rules as Ayva and I continue our bonding over cartoons as I introduce her to one of the classics. 

Back in the day, most of the shows that I enjoyed had strong male protagonists. It’s just the way it was back then. There weren’t many cartoons that had really kick butt girls in the lead. Thankfully, things are different now.  I get to enjoy shows with my daughter that show strong girls and women running things and handling business . TV affects us a lot more than we realize, so even though it may be subtle, I feel that it’s important that we expose Ayva to empowering  characters in television that she can learn from and be inspired by.

That’s why Inspector Gadget is so great. Even though we’re led to believe that the lead character is Inspector Gadget, any real fan of the show knows his niece Penny is the true brains behind the show! Watching the show with Ayva is sure to start a lot of conversations, and I’m looking forward to every one of them.

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Here are a few more shows and movies with strong girls in the lead that will inspire your little girl. Every one of these is currently streaming on Netflix!

Radio Rebel

Harriet The Spy

Spy Kids

American Girl: McKenna Shoots For The Stars

Mako Mermaids

Inspector Gadget

Ever After High

Jem And The Holograms

The Baby-Sitters Club