Real Advice For Newlyweds From A Bride Of 6 Months

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Today marks 6 months of being married. Six whole months. Terrence and I will only be newlyweds for a little while longer, then we'll take our place as wise old wedded folks, giving unsolicited advice to the newly betrothed. Terrence and I received a lot of tips before our big day. Some of them were relevant, and some weren't. Of course now that I've been legally boo'ed up for half a year, it's my turn to start giving back, using my own experience with marriage, and telling the new newlyweds … [Read more...]

Our Easy and Personal Wedding Guest Book

Shutterfly Wedding Guest Book

Although it's been nearly  6 months since our wedding, I'm still kind of decompressing and recalling the day that was one of the best I've ever had. Everything turned out EXACTLY the way I'd hoped it would, casual but elegant with lots of personal little touches. One of the personal touches that turned out really great was our Wedding Guest Book. Once again, I  tried to be the Minimalist Bride, and wasn't even sure why we even needed a guest book. Thank goodness Terrence brought me to my senses! … [Read more...]

{Saturday Sights} Our Wedding Day

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Our wedding day was absolutely everything that I could have ever wanted. The weather was perfect, my favorite people in the world were present, and my best friend became my life partner. There is seriously nothing more that I could have asked for. It was magical. I'd like to share a few photos from that special day. This is just a glimpse into the lovefest that was our wedding day. Many thanks to Christine, AJ and Yamal from The Aums for the gorgeous photographs. … [Read more...]

DIY Wedding Favor Magnets

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I am not a crafty lady. That being said, I love crafts, and I was determined to MAKE SOMETHING for my DIY wedding. I considered making my gown, then realized that was too risky. Thought about making my own bouquet, but I don't really have an eye for color. With a budget of $100 for 100 guests, wedding favors seemed like a good place to stretch my creative muscles. I knew that I wanted my favors to be functional (as a Blogger, I get enough dysfunctional non-functional "swag"), and they had to … [Read more...]

How To Save Money On Flowers for Your Wedding

How To Really Save Money on Flowers for your Wedding

We had a couple of huge breakthroughs in our wedding planning this week. The check for the venue and catering cleared (!!!), we received our fabulous, personalized guestbook in the mail, and our first two wedding gifts have been received! I have a dress (well, two...more on that another day), Terrence has his tux, and everything has been paid IN CASH. We are doing great with sticking to our budget, and both of us are determined not to go into debt over this wedding. We have been pretty fortunate … [Read more...]

Not Naughty Wedding Gifts for Brides

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Wedding season is in full swing, and even if you aren't the bride to be, chances are you'll be participating in someone's big day. As part of the wedding festivities, it's likely that you'll attend a bridal shower or two as well. Bridal showers have the reputation of being a bit risque, and it's a night that the girls let loose and get naughty.  If giving naughty gifts isn't your style, though, here are a few ideas for presents that are a little more tame. 1. Spa Gift Certificate Get a few … [Read more...]

I Will Not Stress Out Over This Wedding

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We are at the point in our wedding planning where stress is trying to make an appearance. Time is running out, money is running out, and it's tempting to get overwhelmed by it all. Well, I said it when we first got engaged, and I mean it now. I will not lose my mind planning this wedding. I have been through a lot in my life. There was even a time when I had stopped believing in love. I thought I couldn't love. I thought I couldn't be loved. And then I met Terrence and discovered that God had a … [Read more...]

Wedding Save the Dates: How and Why to Buy Them

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When Terrence and I first started planning our wedding, I wasn't convinced that save the dates were necessary. I mean, isn't that what invitations were for? After doing a little more investigating, it became clear why Save the Dates were so important. That realization, of course, came with a task (as most wedding realizations do), so Terrence and I scoured the Wedding Paper Divas site to choose just the right save the date for our big day. Take a look at what we found, and find out why you'll … [Read more...]

Wedding Contests – Week of 5/6

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It's official. We only have four months until our wedding! You know what that means.  I still have time to win our honeymoon! Since winning my bridesmaids dresses from Alfred Angelo, I'm absolutely convinced that it's possible. There's plenty to go around, and I love to share, so here's a list of some wedding contests that I found for this week. I hope YOU get lucky, Bride-To-Be! Good luck, and let me know if you win! Micheals - David Tutera Sweepstakes David Tutera is synonymous with … [Read more...]

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Dress

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I have great news to share. Last week, I bought my wedding dress, and it is gorgeous! The best part of all, though? I was able to get it for half of what we had budgeted for a dress! It was really such a blessing. Three of my bridesmaids and I went to Alfred Angelo Bridal Salon in Cherry Hill, New Jersey last week. I won 5 bridesmaids dresses from Alfred Angelo in a wedding contest, but I wasn't really expecting to leave with a dress for myself. I honestly had no plans of even trying a dress on! … [Read more...]