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Conversation Starters For Good Talks With Little Kids

Engaging Conversation Starters For Good Talks With Little Kids

If you’re blessed like me to have an energetic 5-year-old in your life, I don’t have to tell you that there are days when I wonder if my child is ever NOT talking. From age 2 until about 8, kids seem to dominate most conversations that they’re a part of. A piece of it, I’m sure, […]

Preschool Is Ending. Hold Me.

Preschool Girl and science

In a couple of short weeks, we’ll be closing the chapter on one of the most fun, most challenging chapters of Ayva’s life. She’ll be finishing up preschool and heading to kindergarten in the fall. Is this outrageous or what? I’m just getting used to being the mother of a preschooler and now, grade school? […]

What To Do When Your Child Has A Sassy Mouth

What To Do When Your Child Has A Sassy Mouth

  Have you ever asked your child to do a simple task, and instead of just doing it, they give you fifteen thousand reasons why they can’t do it? Have you ever had to stop in the middle of a conversation with your child and ask, “Who are you talking to?” because their tone was […]

Cute Doll Alert: Meet Chantal from The Beatrix Girls

Meet Chantal from The Beatrix Girls

My 5 year old has ever met a doll that she didn’t like. What can I say? She takes after her Mama! When I was her age, I carried a doll baby every where that I went, and Ayva is definitely following in my footsteps. As Ayva gets older, though, her preference is changing from […]

Ayva is 5

Ayva is 5

Really? Like, where does the time go? Ayva is 5 years old today, and I’m actually still tripping over the fact that I even had a baby! Now that baby is a walking, talking, singing, dancing little ball of sass. This year is particularly poignant because it’s her last year of preschool. Kindergarten starts in the […]

Books About Dance For Little Kids

Books About Dance For Little Kids

If there’s one thing most little kids have in common, it’s their love of moving and dancing. They get a lot of time practicing in the womb, and when they’re finally freed and out in the world, turn on some music and kids will do what they do! Well, this week is National Dance Week, […]

Good Soil Collage Children’s Church Activity

Good Soil Collage

Serving in Children’s Church with Terrence over the past few months has been such a blessing to me. It seems like every time it’s our turn to serve, the lesson that we teach the children speaks directly to what’s going on in my life. I take it as confirmation. Words from a friend during a […]

Preschool Style: Pink and Lace

Preschool Style: Pink and Lace

As Ayva gets older, she’s becoming very specific about her style. The more feminine, the better. If it’s pink, that’s like icing on an already super sweet, super girly cake. I don’t mind, really. I mean, I used to try to get her to expand her taste. The reality is, she’s growing up, and being […]

Fairy Garden Themed Basket (Not Just For Easter!) #TargetColors

Fairy Garden Basket

Easter is tomorrow, and my how things have changed! Back in the day, we used to get huge baskets filled with tons of candy and our parents didn’t think a second about it. Now, we are more conscious of what we are giving our kids, and folks are getting more creative with ways to make […]

Time to Celebrate Week of the Young Child™ 2014!

The Week Of The Young Child

Every year since Ayva was born, I’ve looked forward to The Week of the Young Child™. Sponsored by National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), The Week of the Young Child™ encourages me to be intentional about celebrating the things that makes my little girl special. This year will be extra significant, because it marks […]