Every Waking Moment Doesn’t Need To Be Blogged

Every Waking Moment Doesn't Need To Be Blogged.

Anybody that knows Ayva and me know that we love being on the move! From the time she was a tiny baby up to now, she's been my roadie for the last few years. Once I started blogging and writing about our adventures, forget about it. We were up and down the road creating blog-worthy experiences and pinnable moments. I feel incredibly blessed for the opportunities that we've been able to have because of my work, and they have really enhanced our lives. You know what, though? Every mom moment … [Read more...]

Finally Finishing #runDisney #DisneySMMoms

My #runDisney Experience

I don't have a bucket list. When I was in my 20's, I did, but as I got older, I realized that so many cool experiences exist in the world that I don't even know about, why limit myself to only the things that I know? Life is my bucket list. Since adopting that philosophy, the most amazing things have happened to me. Most recently, I had the opportunity to participate in a Fun Run with runDisney and run through Disneyland and California Adventure before they opened as part of the Disney Social … [Read more...]

Simple Ways Moms Can Encourage Their Families To Live Well

Simple Ways Moms Can Encourage Their Families To Live Well

My mother is the fastest walker I know. After years of hustling and bustling as a pedestrian in Philadelphia, she can easily do a mile in 8 minutes walking. Once, when visiting her from college with some of my friends, we struggled to keep up with her pace, and vowed then and there to start working out! I was reminded of my mom's athleticism when browsing through United Healthcare's Generation of Wellness and LiveWellAndPassItOn websites. The sites were created as a resource to encourage healthy … [Read more...]

18 Health Tips for Work At Home Moms

18 Health Tips for Work At Home Moms

This summer will be my 2 year anniversary of becoming a Work At Home Mom (WAHM). I love being able to make a living from the comfort of my couch. Or deck. Or favorite coffee shop. It's definitely a blessing to have the flexibility of continuing to advance my career while being able to watch my little girl grow up. One challenge I've faced as a WAHM is remembering to make my health and well-being a priority. I've had to be very intentional about taking time to take care of myself. Take a look … [Read more...]

Little Remedies for Entertaining Your Sick Child

Little Remedies

Since moving to California almost two years ago, we've been very blessed that Ayva has only fallen ill once. It stinks to see my baby sick! Instead of singing at the top of her lungs, jumping off of things, and being a generally busy in the way that only preschoolers can be, she was laying in the bed, quiet and lethargic. In between cuddles, wiping her down with cool cloths, and giving her Little Remedies® to soothe her sore throat, I also had to find ways to entertain her during the times when … [Read more...]

Growing Up Mama #NakedMoms

Mama Knows It All

At the beginning of my motherhood journey, I was a tad bit tentative. I was already dealing with some "about to be 30 and single" growing pains before I had Ayva. After she was born, there was a period of self-doubt, guilt and shame, that had it gone without being handled, could have greatly affected the type of mother that I would become. My biggest issue? Fear of being a stereotype.  I wanted Ayva to have the same opportunities and experiences as a child from a two-parent family, and I was … [Read more...]

Getting More Restful Sleep #WorldSleepDay

How To Sleep Better

I've always had a tough time with sleep. My insomnia was so bad in college, that I remember one day realizing that I had been up for nearly three days straight! Once I had Ayva, forget about it! I woke up in the middle of the night to make sure she was still breathing, or to put her covers back on her, or to gaze in her face lovingly as new moms do. Over the last few years, I've learned how to manage my insomnia triggers. Although I'm still not getting more than 6 hours of sleep per night, I'm … [Read more...]

Practicing Patience

Practicing Patience At Bedtime

Today was a long day. I had tons of work to do, several meetings to attend. To top the day off, I had to drive Ayva to our church, during rush hour, about a 1/2 hour away. Then come home. Then go back and get her a couple of hours later. Needless to say, I'm exhausted. When we came home, Ayva put on her jammies, and right before I was getting ready to kiss her goodnight and go in my room and crash, she said, "What about our Bible story?" A few nights ago, we started a nightly Bible lesson, and … [Read more...]

5 Ways For Moms To Slow Down And Enjoy Motherhood

Have Patience: 5 Ways For Moms To Slow Down And Enjoy Motherhood

In just a few months, Ayva is going to be finishing up preschool and starting kindergarten. Every time I think about that, my heart starts pounding, I start sweating, and it feels like I'm going to faint. What happened to my baby? She's already started to make friends who take top billing over me during playdates. What if she goes off to elementary school and forgets all about her poor Mama? Of course, I'm exaggerating (kind of), but I'm sure with Ayva going to school all day, things are going … [Read more...]

Back To Love #NakedMoms

Back To Love - #NakedMoms

Do you remember those first few weeks of being a mom? The feelings of excitement, nervousness, and overwhelming love that caught in your chest and brought tears to your eyes with random glances of your new little human? I do. One memory, in particular, of nursing Ayva at exactly 5 AM every single morning, is so vibrant, that I can't believe that was nearly 5 years ago! I can remember looking at her in awe, feeling like my purpose had finally been realized, and wondering how God had decided that … [Read more...]