100 Days: A Look Back At Love


As I prepare for the future, I took some time today to look back. One of the biggest benefits of being a blogger is having a digital time capsule of my life. My posts tell the stories of a single mom who didn't know that she wanted love, but who found it anyway. I have bared my heart with you all on this blog, I've learned how to be a better mom by working through some challenges on this blog. Today, I celebrate the fact that I have a written record of the relationship that I have with the man … [Read more...]

Getting Back To Mom

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Last year around Mother's Day, things were very different. Life was so stressful for me, and my mother, the one person that I wanted to be able to depend on, just wasn't able to be there for me. After years of being sober, she has started to struggle with alcohol addiction again, and the mom I used to know was gone. Last year was also the first time that I shared publicly how I'd felt deserted and alone because of her ¬†addiction. I didn't know it then, but baring my soul like that in the Listen … [Read more...]

The Waiting Gain

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When my fianc√© proposed to me a little over a month ago, it wasn't as if I didn't expect it. In fact, it was just hours before he popped the big question that I was chatting with my girlfriend about how I had the feeling that he might propose, but he wasn't acting weird enough for me to be sure. Then, minutes before Valentine's Day, he asked me to marry him in a simple, yet extraordinary, way. The next day, when I was able to speak again, I asked why he didn't wait a few more moments until it … [Read more...]

What’s On Your List?


Many, many years ago I hung out with a guy who told me that one of the criteria for his future wife was that she be in a sorority. Not that she be kind or empathetic towards others. He didn't say anything about loving God, or being ambitious. Now, of course, this was a long time ago, so we were in our late twenties, but seriously...a sorority? That's bad, but I remember making a list once myself of the type of man that I wanted to marry. There wasn't anything like organization affiliations … [Read more...]