Wedding Contests – Week of 5/6

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It's official. We only have four months until our wedding! You know what that means.  I still have time to win our honeymoon! Since winning my bridesmaids dresses from Alfred Angelo, I'm absolutely convinced that it's possible. There's plenty to go around, and I love to share, so here's a list of some wedding contests that I found for this week. I hope YOU get lucky, Bride-To-Be! Good luck, and let me know if you win! Micheals - David Tutera Sweepstakes David Tutera is synonymous with … [Read more...]

Wedding Contests – Week of 4/15

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Ladies, I have some wedding contest success to share. I won 5 bridesmaids dresses from Alfred Angelo! How awesome is that? My bridesmaids are traveling from Philadelphia, New York, North Carolina, Maryland and Georgia all the way to California to be a part of my wedding, so I am so grateful that this will relieve some of the financial pressure off of them! It took me about 5 minutes to enter. If you're wasting time on the internet anyway, might as well enter to win some prizes, too! Here's a … [Read more...]

Have You Had An Epic Playdate?

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Having an almost 4-year-old, I've been a part of some pretty awesome playdates. From meeting up with friends for a girls afternoon out, to mornings at the playground chatting with moms about their current lives wrangling preschoolers (and their past lives wrangling adult adventures!), playdates are definitely one of the "mom activities" that I enjoy the most. Some of the best playdates that I've ever had, though, have been with just me and Ayva. Yup, the days when I'm intentional about … [Read more...]

Wedding Contests – Week of February 25th

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If you're on a tight budget for your wedding like I am, you're probably looking for all kinds of ways to cut costs. There are the usual tips like planning your wedding during the off season, or decorating the venue yourself. One of the things that you may not have considered is entering contests. I know what you're thinking, "Who has time to enter contests...I have a wedding to plan!" I feel you, Bride to Be. Many contests are super easy to enter, though, with just a simple form to fill out, or … [Read more...]