{@iVillage #iVoices} Resolutions from Kids = More Sweets!

Are you starting to think about your goals for the new year, yet? Well, I don't necessarily have resolutions, but I do have a word that I focus on and let direct my actions throughout the year. This year, my word is CULTIVATE. Isn't that a great word? I'll share more about the type of things that I'm going to be working to cultivate in 2013 later, but I wanted to share this fun video from iVillage where the iVoices' kids get to share what they think us moms should try to do differently for the … [Read more...]

Doc McStuffins’ Halloween Special: A Preschooler Review

Halloween is coming soon, and as the mother of a 3-year-old, I really can't tell you who was more excited about the Disney Jr. Halloween specials, her or me. Look, I love my classics like "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown", but I was really looking forward to the Doc McStuffins' Halloween Special. I mean, Ayva was looking forward to it! Doc McStuffins is a great show about a little girl who is a doctor to toys. Her mother is a doctor, too, and I love seeing her emulate her mother in her … [Read more...]

Tips for Capturing Memories Through Video

One of my most favorite things to do is creating video. From the moment I received my MacBook, I fell in love with PhotoBooth, which allowed me to play around on video with a young(er) Ayva. When my good friend taught me how to use edit using iMovie...oh, you couldn't tell me anything! It didn't help that the video she taught me to edit on was the one that I submitted for my audition to become an iVillage iVoice (and y'all know how that turned out!). From that point on, I started vlogging … [Read more...]

The Crazy Thing I Did For Love

Have you ever done anything crazy for love? I have. There was that time that I rode the Greyhound bus for 8 hours to deliver a gift to someone. Then, another time, I bounced a check so that someone I loved didn't get dropped from their classes in college. And even now, where I am right now in life is because I'm crazy. And I love.iVillage iVoices Samantha Fein, Linda Sellers and I share the wildest things that we, or someone else, did for love. What about you? What's the craziest thing that … [Read more...]

#VlogMom: 3 Biggest Fears

This week's #VlogMom prompt comes from Lee at Couple Dumb. She asks us to share what our 3 biggest fears are. I'm a big 'ole scaredy cat, so it was tough to narrow it down. Take a look at my 3 biggest fears, and let me know if you can relate.  … [Read more...]

What I’m Good At – #VlogMom

You know what I've noticed?  If you ask a woman to name something she's good at, she will often hem and haw around a bit until she finally comes up with something.  Chances of her saying that she's a good mom are quite high.  The chance of her being a real boss, you know, intelligent, innovative, and connected, with 50 things that she could say positive about herself, but doesn't...is extremely likely. That's why, when I got the opportunity to ask the women of #VlogMom a question for the week, I … [Read more...]

Hard Conversations: Talking to Your Child About Tragedy

Today is the first day of summer, and here in Philly, things are already off to a troubling start. I don't even want to turn on the news anymore because of the horrible stories of children being abducted and abused here in the city. Ayva is only 3, so my goal is to keep all of this scary, negative news away from her, but what happens if she's exposed anyway? How do I explain tragedy to her? Kelly Wallace sits down with Sharon Rowley, Amanda Rodriguez, Beth Engelman, and me to discuss how we … [Read more...]

Hey, I’m Always In the Mood!

Alright, so here's something I don't write about often.  Sex.  Bow chicka wow wow. Oh, yeah!  But seriously, since I'm not married (yet!), and I am a mother, writing about sex publicly just isn't my thing.  However, in this latest episode of The Conversation Thread on iVillage, I join Beth, Kelly, Sharon and Amanda to give advice to women who aren't in the mood for sex when their mates are. Also, I share about always being in the mood. :-) … [Read more...]

Working and My Child – inspired by "Julia’s Child" by Sarah Pinneo

Last night, after an entire day of playing catch up online, I felt a bit of guilt about not giving Ayva as much quality time as I would have liked to.  Poor baby.  Not only is she having to deal with her Mommy recuperating and everyone reminding her to "watch out!", "be careful", "don't hurt Mommy's stomach", she also has to compete with the computer. It's a sacrifice that I make most nights to be able to take care of her, take care of us.One day, I believe that this hard work will pay off. … [Read more...]

#VlogMom – No Flaws At All?

This week's #VlogMom question comes from Tania from Pure Natural Diva, who asks, "What's your biggest character flaw?"  Check it out and see if you agree with me about my opinion of character flaws...and no, it isn't that I'm always a week behind in my videos!  … [Read more...]