Preschool Style: Pink and Lace

Preschool Style: Pink and Lace

As Ayva gets older, she's becoming very specific about her style. The more feminine, the better. If it's pink, that's like icing on an already super sweet, super girly cake. I don't mind, really. I mean, I used to try to get her to expand her taste. The reality is, she's growing up, and being able to choose clothes that she likes just plants the seed for making other choices for herself. So, pink and girly it is! My Mother-In-Law really gets Ayva, and loves shopping with and for her. She has … [Read more...]

Always Connected So We Can #CatchItAll With @BestBuy

#CatchItAll Best Buy

You all know that I don't have a big immediate family. There's just three of us. Two adults, one child. We live in a cozy apartment with two bedrooms. It's a simple life, not filled with a lot of stuff. Well...except for one thing. Between the three of us, there's 2 HDTVs, 4 laptops, 3 tablets, 1 desktop, 2 cell phones, and a partridge in a pear tree! Ha! What can I say? My people love screens! My preferred method to stay connected is by far my laptop, though. I do everything on it from watch … [Read more...]

Making A Diaroma With A Preschooler

Make A Diaroma With Your Preschooler

In a few months, life as we know it in the Riley Family will change forever as Ayva starts kindergarten. I'm having a really hard time believing it, because, wasn't it just 4 days ago that I brought her home from the hospital for the first time? I mean, come on life. Slow down, why don't you! When I'm not being delusional about the start of grammar school for my little girl, I'm slowly starting to prepare her for the big K. We work on her reading, writing, and math often. Lately, I've started to … [Read more...]

Ditch The Big Words: 3 Tips For Writing Your Real Life Story

Tips for Writing Your Real Life Story

Use Grammarly's plagiarism checker because writing your life story in someone else's words would be totally weird.  I have something to say that will make some folks angry. It's part of my story, though, so I'll stick to it. The older I get, the less enchanted I am with fancy adjectives and metaphors when people describe themselves. Like, seriously? Just tell me who you are and what you do. I don't want to sift through fancy phrases to get to the root of your truth. Just keep it real! Every … [Read more...]

Better Vacuuming with the @Dyson DC65 #DysonatBestBuy

Dyson DC65

There are very few appliances that could make me jump up and down, clap my hands, and squeal. The Dyson DC65 Vacuum that I got from Best Buy made me do all that and more. What's the more part? Well, I've vacuumed just about every single day since getting it! Until you've used a Dyson, you haven't vacuumed! Before I tell you more about how the DC65 works for me, let me give you some background on my  recent vacuum situation. When I moved to California almost 2 years ago to be with Terrence, I … [Read more...]

Real Advice For Newlyweds From A Bride Of 6 Months

bride and groom

Today marks 6 months of being married. Six whole months. Terrence and I will only be newlyweds for a little while longer, then we'll take our place as wise old wedded folks, giving unsolicited advice to the newly betrothed. Terrence and I received a lot of tips before our big day. Some of them were relevant, and some weren't. Of course now that I've been legally boo'ed up for half a year, it's my turn to start giving back, using my own experience with marriage, and telling the new newlyweds … [Read more...]

Affordable Health Insurance – Get Covered America Can Help

GetCovered America

One of the smartest decisions I made (amidst tons of not so smart decisions) in my twenties, was opting in for the best health insurance my employer offered. The price was nearly a quarter of my bi-weekly paychecks, but when I had a difficult pregnancy at 29, I was grateful for the additional coverage. Now, with a daughter and a husband, I could never afford the prime health insurance fees I paid back then as a young, single girl with no responsibilities. I know that I'm not alone. In fact, … [Read more...]

Potential Into Reality with Citi® Every Step of the Way® #EveryStep

little girl with ribbon

This post was created in partnership with Citi®. All thoughts and opinions are my own. In Ayva's 4 short years in life, she's already been fortunate enough to give dance and gymnastics a try. She's recently inquired about doing gymnastics in a more formal setting than just the "baby" program that she has participated in, which means I've started to look at our budget to figure out a way to afford it. We will afford it, because we want to encourage Ayva's interest, and it's a priority for … [Read more...]

Prep for Awards Season with Movies On Demand! #MODawards

Movies on Demand

Last weekend was a rainy one for us here in Northern California, but I didn't mind for a number of reasons. First, we were in a drought, so rain = AWESOME! Second, who doesn't love piddling around the house all day in lay around clothes watching movies? Fun, right? Terrence loves movies even more than I do, so he was down. Especially since his favorite time of the year is coming up. Nope, not our anniversary, Awards Season! After a decade of living in L.A., Terrence has become quite the movie … [Read more...]

7.9 Million Impressions Later – #DayOfLight Update

#DayOfLight Bloggers

Last Wednesday, the most amazing thing happened. Folks from all parts of the country shared their stories of depression online all day long. People changed their avatars to black and white, wrote blog posts, shared tweets, and made it clear that just because you have depression, it doesn't mean that you have to suffer in silence and alone. We started the day off with a powerful video Hangout with Natasha Nicholes, Pamela King, Summer Davis, Janeane Davis, my husband, and my friend, Lori … [Read more...]