Savor The Moments Because There Will Be New Ones

Ayva Daddy Daughter

I am so confused. The last thing I remember is being in the hospital holding an itty bitty baby thinking that there’s no way anything could top that feeling. When did that itty baby turn into an outgoing kindergartener who declares herself to be a “totally people person” with loves hugs, reading and fancy dresses? […]

25 Things I Want My Black Daughter To Know

25 Things I Want My Black Daughter To Know

Long before I had my daughter, I was a mentor to hundreds of Black girls all over Philadelphia. We laughed together, cried together, but at the end of the day, I sent them back home to their mamas. Life is a lot different now. I’m raising my own little Black girl, and all of the worries […]

Daddy’s First Dance

Daddy Daughter Dance

Here’s something a little different for Mama Knows It All. My husband, Terrence, is sharing his thoughts on the blog today. He wrote this post, on his own, without me asking, and I’m really so incredibly proud to share it with you all: This weekend I had the pleasure of accompanying Ayva to our first (of […]

I Don’t Know How To Play With My 5-Year-Old

How To Play With A 5-Year-Old

The other day, Ayva said to me, “Mom, why don’t you ever play with me?”. I reminded her about all of the things that we do together, shopping, cooking, reading books, but she wouldn’t let up. “No, Mom. I mean, like playing. In my room. You never play with me.” Ayva was right. I don’t ever […]

Encouraging Positive Behavior In Kids

Encourage Positive Behavior In Kids

  When Ayva was a toddler, I discovered Jane Nelsen, Ed. D and her Positive Discipline pedagogy. At the time, Ayva was still doing things like biting and throwing tantrums, and I needed some sort of support to manage that behavior without losing my mind. Learning about positive discipline was a parenting game changer for […]

Raising A Thin Girl With Healthy Self Esteem

raising a thin girl

I’ve always been thin. Small breasts. Little waist. Booty that was slim to none. It’s only been in the last few years that I’ve started to fill out. Growing up a tall, skinny Black girl wasn’t great for my self-esteem at all. Middle school pretty much sucked. High school was a little bit better. By […]

She Was Disobedient, But I’m Still Proud

pretty little girl

There’s a reason we don’t keep a lot of treats in our house. Terrence, Ayva and I LOVE candy. Terrence isn’t that big on chocolate, but he loves those sour gummy worms that are covered in sugar. I’m not a fan of those, but I’ll eat just about everything else, and so will Ayva. It’s […]

In Defense Of The Girly Girl

girly girl

My 5-year-old is a tutu wearing, princess loving, twirling, dancing, glittery girl. She loves getting her nails polished, anything with sequins on it, and never met a piece of jewelry she didn’t like. When she played soccer in the fall, she did pirouettes and leaps down the field, and was more interested in talking to […]

Mom Enough, And Stories Of Naked Mothering

Mom Enough

The last few months have been really crazy in our house. From Ayva starting kindergarten to leaving my job, losing my stepmother, finances being tight due to starting a business (as well as unexpected expenses), and everything in between, I haven’t been feeling like “The Best Mom” that I vowed to be this year. Fortunately, […]

Being An Actual Mom

actual mom

I remember the first night it happened. It was 7:00 PM and I had just finished getting Ayva ready for bed. She had her story, I’d supervised her brushing her teeth, and she was snug and tucked in the bed. It wasn’t until I leaned in to kiss her that she said, “What? No dinner […]