I Am Here

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I don’t take a lot of selfies. I can never seem to get the angle right, and on the occasions when I do, my skin looks bad, or my hair is a mess, or the picture is just off. Besides, it’s just so much easier to take pictures of Ayva and Terrence. They’re always camera […]

Two Steps Back

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Is there ever a point where I’ll stop beating myself up for not being the perfect mom? I’m starting to think that there won’t be. Please allow me to vent for a bit, y’all. I really don’t like whining or complaining, but I feel like I’m never going to get ahead in parenting. I take […]

(Video) Being In 2015 – My New Year Resolution

Working On Perspective

I know it’s kind of early to start thinking about the new year. We haven’t even made it to Christmas, yet. This last year has gone by so fast that I have no doubt the next few weeks are going to fly by. I had a few moments to reflect triggered by a family tragedy, […]

Make A “Rock Strong” Bracelet

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I’m sharing stories of toughness thanks to a partnership with Brawny®. My family is going through a really hard time right now. One of my family members is very sick, and it’s just super challenging to deal with it. My sister, especially, is managing the brunt of everything. Over the past few months, she has had to […]

8 Ways To Give When You Don’t Have Money

8 Ways To Give When You Don't Have Money

December is the month when folks are feeling extra generous. Not only are they buying presents for their family and friends, but they’re closing the year out by giving back to others. In fact, the first Tuesday in the month is now called Giving Tuesday, and non-profits and other social good organizations get to take […]

Tackling Domestic Violence Together #BeTheSolution


This important domestic violence conversation was sponsored by One2One Network. #BeTheSolution Some days when I’m super busy out running errands and taking care of business, I can’t wait to get home. I envision myself in my sweet little nest, surrounded by my favorite people, and it gives me the push I need to make it through the day. […]

Life Is Blessed: A Haiku

Thankful: A Haiku

Life isn’t perfect But we’re breathing and alive For that we are blessed.

{Video} Tough Is: My Great Grandmother

Tough Is

I’m sharing tough to the core stories thanks to a partnership with Brawny® My great grandmother Mollie was a tough lady. All of my memories of her were of her being strong, opinionated, hardworking, and outspoken. The thing that made her stand out from a lot of other people, though, was that she did everything with […]

How To Be A More Thoughtful Giver

How To Be A More Thoughtful Giver

There’s a reason that I love the holiday season so much. It has nothing to do with the presents, or what I might receive from others, because I really don’t need anything. The main thing that makes me love this time of the year so much is that folks are so incredibly giving. From paying it forward in […]

Life Is Tough. So Are You. #ToughIs

Life Is Tough. So Are You.

I’m sharing tough to the core stories thanks to a partnership with Brawny® The women in my family are incredibly strong. From my great grandmothers down to my cousins, sister and me, we’re not the type of ladies that just sit back and let life happen around us. We’re outspoken and opinionated, loving, and believe […]