Just Look Up

just look up

Life gets busy sometimes, you know? We go along, running errands, completing tasks, checking items off of our list. At the end of the day, we race home, throw a meal together, rush the kids to bed, go to sleep, and do it all over again. I can admit it,  I kind of get off on having a packed schedule. The adrenaline surges through my veins as I move from one thing to the next, figuring out problems and handling business. I actually don't know what to do when I don't have anything to do. Sometimes, … [Read more...]

Are You Clearly In Need?

Matthew 7:7

I had an encounter with a woman last week that I can't get off of my mind. I was at the gas station when she walked by me, pushing a shopping cart. The woman had a small boy with her, and her cart was filled with various items that were clearly their personal things. As I waited for my gas to finish pumping, I watched her walk by thinking that maybe I should say something to her. Because I am human, though, and I don't always do the right thing, I didn't call out to her. Instead, I thought about … [Read more...]

God’s Light – A Haiku

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I am not a light. That glow that draws you to me? That's the light of God. inspired by John 1:8 … [Read more...]

Stop Settling and Be Amazing.

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Over the last few years, I've had a lot of challenges. Personal, financial, issues with my family...you name it, I've gone through it. I started to get used to the despair to the point that I had started to accept, and even invite, chaos and sadness into my life. I had gotten so used to being tense, unhappy, and unsatisfied that I didn't even know how to function when things were normal. I'd even venture to say that I didn't even know what "normal" was anymore. A few months ago, life changed … [Read more...]

How To Get An Awesome Job (Spoiler Alert: It Doesn’t Happen Overnight)

Way back in June of 2011, I sent this message to Courtney, the VP, Community Relations for Collective Bias. Back then, Courtney was the Community Manager for Collective Bias' Social Fabric community: Courtney responded right back to me, gave me some tips, and let me know that she would keep me in mind to run a campaign in the future. It wasn't until early February 2012 that Kim reached out to me with an opportunity to be a Campaign Leader, running a small Florida OJ campaign. It … [Read more...]

Step Aside: Moving Out Of Your Own Way.

While hosting a Twitter chat with my Pushing Lovely friends, recently, we asked the question, "What is holding you back?" For the majority of folks, the response was, "Me." So many brilliant, creative women not going after their greatest dreams, not because their enemy is trying to sabotage them, or because they don't have the proper tools, but because they (we) were holding themselves back from reaching and exceeding their full potential. Things like fear, shame, lack of energy, lack of time, … [Read more...]

Let’s Get Cultivating!

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Last year, I did something different for the new year. Instead of a whole list of resolutions, I chose one action, innovate, to focus on. Being aware of doing things differently than I had done them previously, and looking for ways to step out of the box served me quite well in 2012. New opportunities in both my personal and professional life came because I was intentional about innovating and creating something out of the ordinary. This year, I'm going to be focusing on cultivating. To … [Read more...]

The Many Blessings of 2012

So, this family happened in 2012.This year was simply bananas. I mean, there is no way I could have predicted the adventures that I had in 2012. Who knew back on December 31st of 2011 that Ayva and I would have relocated from Philadelphia to California? There was no hint that a new career would be waiting in the wings, and I'd love it more than I could imagine. I had no clue that I would meet new people who would become new friends, who would become GREAT friends this year.While the year wasn't … [Read more...]

How To Demonstrate God’s Love Online

Our country is in the midst of mourning. This crisis is so terrible, so unthinkable, that in our quest to find something, anything to make sense of it all, we sometimes end up alienating one another at just the time when we should be coming together. There's a lot that we need to take action on, much that we need to discuss, but right now, please, can we show a little love?Christ Believers, we especially should be demonstrating empathy and love. After all, isn't that why we go to church every … [Read more...]

California Love

Three months ago, life was a blur. Seriously.It's crazy how time flies. It's true that the more fun you're having, the faster it goes. Apparently, I've been in California for 3 months already. Yup, 3 months, yesterday. Life has changed so much since I've moved here. I'm surprised at how comfortable I feel already. A big part of that definitely has to do with Terrence, his family, and our friends at church. The other thing is that California is so different than Philly. So, so, sooooo … [Read more...]