Moms Are Not Perfect – A Haiku

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Moms are not perfect. We don't always get it right, Just most of the time. Happy Mother's Day!   … [Read more...]

Packed Bags – A Haiku

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It's another year New adventures await us We have our bags packed. … [Read more...]

Love – A Haiku

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Dance – A Haiku

Live like you're dancingTwirling and leaping with joyFinding your own beat.  … [Read more...]

Just Better – A Haiku

The world through your eyesYour perspective and your view, Life is just better. … [Read more...]

I Promise – A Haiku

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No Excuse- A Haiku

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Life Would Be Better – A Haiku

Picture of me taken by AyvaLife would be betterIf all moms could see themselvesThe way their kids do. … [Read more...]

On Our Way – A Haiku

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I think I was lostBut you gave me directionNow we're on our way.  … [Read more...]

Balance – A Haiku

Life isn't easy.It helps that you are here, thoughTo provide balance. … [Read more...]