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Grilled Cheese Roll Ups

frigo head 5

This Grilled Cheese Roll Up recipe was created in connection with my agreement as a contributor to Saputo Cheese USA Inc. Grilled cheese sandwiches have to be one of the greatest recipes ever made in life. Buttered bread and gooey cheese? Does it get any better than that? When it comes to grilled cheese sandwiches, I’m […]

Viva First Grade!

Ayva's First Day 4

It’s the end of the first week of the first grade and I still can’t believe we’re here. Ayva and her friends are growing up so fast, and it’s both amazing and incredibly heartbreaking to watch. What happened to my baby? I’ll never forget how adorable Ayva was last year when she started kindergarten with […]

The Last Less Messy Days Of Summer

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Summer isn’t over just yet! Discover how to take advantage of the last, less messy, days of summer in this story sponsored by  Jif™Bars and Socialstars. #TeamJif It’s the first day of school, but you know what? We aren’t forfeiting our last few weeks of summer. Nope. Autumn doesn’t officially start until sometime in September, so […]

5 Ways To Dress Up A School Uniform

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When Terrence and I first started looking at schools for Ayva to attend, I was vehemently opposed to her going to a school that required uniforms. As a former educator, I understand the benefit of children having the freedom to express themselves through their clothes. Uniforms, I thought, encouraged group think and I wanted my […]

Our Evening At Smith’s Garden Luau in Kauai

smith luau 7

Why has it taken me over 30 years to get to Hawaii? Oh my goodness, y’all, it’s one of the most beautiful, enchanting places that I’ve ever visited. Everything is so lush and bright, and I swear I smelled fresh flowers every single place I went. It was totally a dream and I have to […]

We Spent $34 On School Supplies

back to school 1

As the mother of a first grader, my new favorite time of the year is fast becoming back to school time. It’s not because I get to send Ayva out of the house. I like having her around in the summer, even if she does drive me bonkers every once in awhile! See, back to […]

Mango and Lime Caipirosca

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See how the islands inspired this yummy cocktail in this story sponsored by Sweet’N Low® and Socialstars. #donthesitaste I am convinced that there is nothing more inspiring than sitting outside on a Hawaiian island listening to waves crashing the shore, or palm trees blowing in the wind. There’s nothing more relaxing, either. Last week I […]

Unexpected Perks Of Raising A Child In The Bay Area


Living in the Bay Area comes with a boatload of benefits. From the mild weather to the amazing food, there’s just so much to love about being here. So what you may not be able to afford a house and traffic into the city on a Saturday can make you feel like stabbing someone, at […]

Getting Organized Using Outdoor Space

zep making space 7

I’m getting organized and using Zep Quick Clean Disinfectant to get clean as part of a sponsored story with Socialstars. #ZepSocialstars We live in a cozy home. Cozy, if you’ve ever read real estate listings, is code for small. We live in a small apartment. The apartment is in a beautiful and safe part of […]

He’s Out There, Single Moms

ayva and terrence 2

It hasn’t even been 2 years since Terrence and I have been married, and already it feels like we’ve been together my whole life. I can’t imagine living life without him. Not only is he my best friend and the world’s best husband, he’s also an excellent dad. You know, I never planned on being a single mom. […]