Fairy Garden Themed Basket (Not Just For Easter!) #TargetColors

Fairy Garden Basket

Easter is tomorrow, and my how things have changed! Back in the day, we used to get huge baskets filled with tons of candy and our parents didn't think a second about it. Now, we are more conscious of what we are giving our kids, and folks are getting more creative with ways to make baskets without those super sweet, cavity makers. I went to Target this morning, intent on finding some items for Ayva's basket that would be useful even after the bunny is long forgotten. Right away, I found … [Read more...]

Finally Finishing #runDisney #DisneySMMoms

My #runDisney Experience

I don't have a bucket list. When I was in my 20's, I did, but as I got older, I realized that so many cool experiences exist in the world that I don't even know about, why limit myself to only the things that I know? Life is my bucket list. Since adopting that philosophy, the most amazing things have happened to me. Most recently, I had the opportunity to participate in a Fun Run with runDisney and run through Disneyland and California Adventure before they opened as part of the Disney Social … [Read more...]

Did You Get A Chance To Catch The #Ickies? #ad

Clorox Ick Awards

Remember back in college how you could go to a party, jam all night long, and still make it to class the next morning? Well, those days are long gone for me. Honestly, I'm still recovering from the completely epic Clorox #Ickies Twitter party  last Wednesday. Oh my goodness, y'all, that party was off the chain! I mean, some of the icky stories our participants told could only be told behind the anonymity of a twitter handle, that's how bad, and good, they were. I even shared my most horrific … [Read more...]

It’s #MagicAtPlay With Kohl’s Disney Collection


My daughter changes her clothes at least 3 times per day. It's not unusual for her to go from her jammies to a princess dress of some sort, then a leotard with a tutu, something completely out of season, and then, finally, school clothes. As the mother of a preschool fashionista, I always has to be on the lookout for cute new styles because...wardrobe change! The new Disney / Jumping Beans® #MagicAtPlay line at Kohl's is just the kind of adorable fashion that I'm charged with looking out for. … [Read more...]

The Health Vow

I vow to stop faking it and take better care of myself.

Last Monday morning, I woke up feeling a little bit off. My head was pounding behind my eyes, and I couldn't really focus at all. I had my normal meetings and pushed through them like I always do. See, my thing when I'm not feeling good is to pretend everything is okay. I don't do the groggy voice, or the "ugh...I don't feel good." I try to sound as normal as possible, using all of my energy to make sure no one knows that anything is wrong. By 12:30, though, when it was time to take Ayva to … [Read more...]

Clean Closet. Donate Stuff. Create Jobs.

No Room In Your Closet? Donate to Goodwill!

It's starting to warm up here in Northern California, and that means I'll start my annual whining. "I have nothing to wear!" "Everything I have is too big/small/medium!" "Wah wah wah! I need new clothes!" That wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have a closet full of clothes, some that I've had since college. Did I mention that I was in college nearly 20 years ago? Let's take a peek inside my closet: Hmm...okay. That's from my freshman year in college. Let's dig a little deeper and … [Read more...]

Time to Celebrate Week of the Young Child™ 2014!

The Week Of The Young Child

Every year since Ayva was born, I've looked forward to The Week of the Young Child™. Sponsored by National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), The Week of the Young Child™ encourages me to be intentional about celebrating the things that makes my little girl special. This year will be extra significant, because it marks Ayva's last year in preschool, and her graduation out of the "young child" category. I'm not ready, y'all! I know, I know...I'd better get ready, … [Read more...]

Simple Ways Moms Can Encourage Their Families To Live Well

Simple Ways Moms Can Encourage Their Families To Live Well

My mother is the fastest walker I know. After years of hustling and bustling as a pedestrian in Philadelphia, she can easily do a mile in 8 minutes walking. Once, when visiting her from college with some of my friends, we struggled to keep up with her pace, and vowed then and there to start working out! I was reminded of my mom's athleticism when browsing through United Healthcare's Generation of Wellness and LiveWellAndPassItOn websites. The sites were created as a resource to encourage healthy … [Read more...]

10 Things To Say To Your Child Every Day

10 Things To Say To Your Child Every Single Day

Not a day goes by when I don't go to bed thinking of fifty ways that I could have been a better mom to Ayva. I mean, I know I'm a great mom. I love Ayva more than anything, and I work hard to make her happy, but there's always room for improvement. I could always be more attentive, or more patient. Then, there's nights like tonight, when I was on my way to the market to get groceries for dinner...and ended up going through the drive through at a fast food restaurant. How To Be A Better Mom In … [Read more...]

White Chocolate Sprinkled Peeps

White Chocolate Sprinkled Peeps

If you're like me, when it comes to Peeps, you can eat them straight out of the package. I mean, that's how we used to do it back in the day, you know? We are living in a new time, though, and Pinterest has encouraged all of us to step outside of our normal world and turn the ordinary extraordinary. Not that there's anything ordinary about my favorite marshmallow candy! I'm going to be honest, when the folks at PEEPS & Company sent me a big box of different flavored Peeps and invited me to … [Read more...]