Kiwi Crates For Summer And Stay At Home Kids

Kiwi Crate Summer Adventure series

Whenever folks find out that I work full-time from home and have a daughter who is only in preschool 3 hours each day, they ask how I’m able to do it all. Honestly, I have no idea! If I were to sit and think about it, this arrangement is probably pretty much impossible. Fortunately it’s been working out really well for the last year and a half. Okay. Let me be honest. I do have some help. Coffee keeps me sane, and activities like Kiwi Crate keeps Ayva busy, which, in turn, keeps me sane. Sanity, folks. That’s the goal!

Kiwi Crate

Last year, my friend gifted me with a huge box of job security Kiwi Crate activities, and I’ve been sold on the arts and crafts kits every since. Kiwi Crate is a subscription service that delivers arts & crafts projects to your home every month. The projects are perfect for kids ages 3 – 8, and feature activities that integrate creativity and learning. The best part of the kits for me? Ayva can complete many of the projects independently! I set them up for her, read the instructions, and off she goes. I can get my work done without having to stick her in front of a screen, and she’s happy because she gets to make a mess express her creativity with fun projects. You don’t have to take my word for it, though! You can try Kiwi Crate for free for a limited time! 

Kiwi Crate

With summer fast approaching and preschool ending, Kiwi Crate’s role will become even more important. Not only will they be keeping Ayva busy, but they’ll also be saving us money. Kindergarten starts in the fall (as does 9 years of private school tuition payments), so we’re only doing 4 weeks of summer camp this year. The rest of the time, Ayva will be in Mommy Camp…powered in part by Kiwi Crate’s Summer Adventure Series. And coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

Kiwi Crate’s Summer Adventure Series

From June – August, Kiwi Crate will include exciting summer themed projects. Themes include:

- June Camping Trip: Explore the great outdoors with a camping expedition
- July Beach Day: Discover sea creatures & tide pools in Kiwi Crate’s seaside adventure
- August Amusement Park: Play & learn with a special trip to the amusement park

Kiwi Crate offers a range of subscription levels, all shipped for free:

Join Kiwi Crate for a Summer of Fun

Monthly Subscription – $19.95 a month

3 Month Gift – $60

6 Month Gift – $110

12 Month Gift – $205

Win a Kiwi Crate and a $25 Target Gift Card!

Want to give Kiwi Crate a try? Well, I’m giving away a crate! Not only that, you can also win a $25 Target Gift Card. You know, to inspire, Mama’s creativity! Just enter below in the easy Rafflecopter! The giveaway ends at midnight on June 10th, and is open to U.S. residents only. This contest is sponsored and funded in total part by Brandi Riley at Mama Knows It All. Good luck!

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  • margaretsmith

    I think my kids would like the day at the beach adventure. Thanks so much.

  • Rachel

    Wow what a great idea! I could really use something like this as I find thinking up arts and craft activities very challenging at times!

  • nickie burke

    My son would love a day at the beach adventure.

  • Tari Lawson

    I think they would like beach day.

  • abfantom

    My daughter would like “Beach Day” the most

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  • Nicole Vosburgh

    We would love the Beach Day!

  • Amiyrah

    My girl is a thrill seeker and would love the Amusement Park box!

  • mckim

    I think my family would enjoy the camping trip.

  • kaicongroup

    My little guy loves to build things and is already excited about building sand castles this Summer. He doesn’t even know that the beach is on the list of things to try.

  • Heather

    Love them all, but probably camping trip!

  • ginabad

    OOO, my kids would just LOVE camping trip!

  • mamabears

    I would go with the camping trip! We’re going to do an indoor campout in our sunroom complete with tent and this would be such a fun addition to that!

  • Debbie Ritenour

    I would pick the camping trip for sure!

  • Reesa Lewandowski

    Camping trip!!!!

  • Jess

    My kids would definitely go crazy over the camping adventure!

  • Patricia Colletti

    My son would love the Amusement Park crate, especially the water gun. My hubby would be excited about building bumper cars with our son. .

  • markathy

    We would love the beach day~

  • agordon10


  • bkkihega

    I think my daughter would love the Beach one!

  • Mama Harris

    This is SO ADORABLE and something I know would keep BOTH of my boys busy while I’m working. I think they’d LOVE the beach adventure one. Thank you for sharing, I’m going to be looking further into these, even if I don’t win (but I’m crossing my fingers for a win!) ;)

  • Lisa Voyce

    I think the camping one would be the favorite.

  • cynthiac

    I think the Beach Day would be fun.

  • lazybones344

    My whole family would like the camping one best.
    Denise S

  • Francine Anchondo

    Amusement Park

  • Michelle

    Beach Day

  • kyl neusch

    the Beach Day

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    I think that the Beach Day Adventure would be our favorite.


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    Camping Trip would be fun.

    Thanks for the contest.

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  • Diaryofa1stTimeMom

    This is like a summer vacation in a box! Don’t have to leave the living room to explore!

  • dewer421

    They’d love the Nature Explorer!

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    My family would enjoy the beach day best!

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